Mohit Pandey

A drop of magic potion down my throat I place,

And the mystical journey of self loathing begins again,

But I am so social, I provide comic relief when I am drunk,

I like you, the other one too and myself so much, when I am drunk,

I avoid the all the chips on my shoulder, I just slide them down the rabbit hole,

You say it destroys my liver and potential, but do you know it provides me with pieces of myself that I've never known,

I am whole, I am full, when I am inebriated to my limits dear,

My conscience comes and says "you are about to reach your limits" in my ears,

But I won't let this party stop,

Till all my dreams are buried on top,

Of reckless recluse and cynical enjoyment,

Running around loose having times of my life, yeah,

So pour me another one, let loose the grey goose one more time,

Let me pile my dreams on dreams, All of them unrealized,

Bodies on bodies for moans and groans,
Just to feel alright,

Friends for booze and friends for good time,

All of them for seasons, no one for the reasons,

No one to tell the truth to, no one to confide,

This magical poison has made me hollow inside..

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