By  Subani Sethi
Who are the Muslims? and who are the sikhs? 
Show me a Hindu or a Christian please.
Our government says we are all the same 
There is no distinction then why are there fights again and again
Whenever I hear the news, nothing but arguments are on
If there is no distinction then why care where is a masjad built?
For people it is just the place to pray or their throats to slit?
Why are the pandits creating nuisance again 
Is Shree Ram is happy where their is the hunger pain?
We don’t need the babari masjad nor the mandir in Ayodhya prepared 
We need the harmony in people be that a Muslim Sikh or a Hindu heir.
Religious polarisation is created and used by people for political care 
The common man just doesn’t have the time to bear this agony here.
Blame it on politics not religion , 
Oh no , this won't change the governments decision.
We live on a place where statues are given a status high
And humans here cannot even take a sigh.
People tricking us for votes on the name of a temple. 
Asking donations , selling milk packets , selling hair , yes my offended hindu fans it all happens here.
You wear your boots and quaff wine to the Kirk isn't that what the maulvis oppose? 
You buy votes by selling the beliefs 
And then tag ' terrorist ' to the Kashmiris after they have had  a beef.
In this nation where Gaye is the mata and Gandhi is the pita 
You will protect our Draupatis but who will protect our Sitas?
“it’s not that simple” elders say
Whether the Babri Masjid or the mandir in ayodhya, we just yearn for prayer. 
Harmony among people is all that  we seek but pain and hate is what we bear
Blood on the street, all for fame.
We know who’s accountable,
Then why don’t we proclaim? 
We see progress going down the drain, 
all in vain, such a shame! 
Not everything has to be grey 
But we are the ones who pay and these politicians they just play 
Play a toxic game 
Amidst this toxic game, we’re just little pawns in dismay,
It’s getting harder and harder each day.
Do you discern the need to interfere?
But then again, “it’s not that simple” 
The elders declare,
The system is deranged,
But trust me, It’s not beyond repair.

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  • The bitter truth

    Sumayya Hasan

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