A story of 3 - She, They, and I.

Aaheri Bose 


Setting sun
Distant sea
Sound of waves
Cool wind, goosebumps
Brown eyes, closed,
Flying purple hair,
Her body wrapped in a trench coat.
Green eyes, open, looking at Me,
Alert yet comfortable, resting.
A dress hanging from Their broad shoulders.
One's eyes closed, and one's open
But both are on Me, always Me, and on each other.
Comfortable yet not stagnant
Alone, but not lonely.
Not a sound to be heard of civilization.
No people, no expectations.


A room
Has three corners in it.
One is Mine
One is Hers
And one is Their's.
The corners look similar but are different.
A part of all their lives, all their souls, lives there.
The corners have seen many different things, many different days.
It is a manifestation of their peace.
The peace, won after fighting many wars.
Some were active, others passive
But wars all the same.
Not necessarily won,
But experienced all the same.
This, is what all three of them desired for, Desperately wished for,


If objectively seen,
Their's was the most hard-fought, sweet-won war.
The most natural part of nature, was forced to become a rebel in the society.
"Unnatural" "Against the gods" - the people called them, spit on Their face.
So, instead of being drenched by it,
They used it's fire
To forge themself into the sharpest sword there ever was.
A Phoenix rose from the ashes of "society",
They flew high in the sky, mighty.
And under Their mighty wings, are now two others,
Forever, in Their protection
Taking nothing but love, as fees.


Morning dew.
Drops of it everywhere.
On the grass, the crops, the tools, the beer bottles.
A morning dew dropped on Their eye,
And woke Them up.
Green eyes fluttering open, a wise witness of the world.
Sees the sky, and then Me.
Seeing us beside Themself, makes what They saw go away - a distant nightmare, or a dream.
A proud Phoenix, sheltering and guiding us both,
Smiles the first smile of the morning,
One of the many the day will see.


She followed the smell to the garden,
The pluvophile followed the smell of petrichor,
The petrichor - a smell, a memory, a part of a whole different life.
The first rain of the year that morning, left the garden and the farm fragranced,
And She, a mad lover of that smell, drank it all in.
Her season, Her time has come once again and,
She will bloom the brightest now.
We, the witnesses of this reunion,
Stand back and watch Her burst in joy,
A smile playing on Their lips,
A wide grin on Mine.
And love, both in our eyes.


"... 5,6,7,8,9,10! Done! I'm coming!!"
There She goes to search, whom She has already found,
A game similar to the one fate played with our three lovers.
She found Me first,
Just like She did that Friday, a lifetime ago.
But She doesn't catch me,
And just passes by.
'Cause She knows I need this,
This game, it's engagement, a win.
'Cause She knows Me, notices Me, sees through Me.
She noticed the empty stares, wet pillows and silent noons.
She saw what usually others didn't,
Saw and saved Me.
Because being seen was mostly what I needed.
Being seen and caressed, even by someone's eyes, was My remedy.
She is My remedy.
"Gotcha!" and They lost.
The crinkle of My nose assured Her worrying heart,
That I'm still here,
And not there - in that dark pit, where I once lived.


-Fighting My own wars
-Facing the reality
-To let go of something, and not everything
A checklist of things I didn't want to do,
With a tick in front of every item,
It was a time when the world still worked the same,
But I, no longer did, and neither did I wish to.
It was at that time,
When the reign of my oasis was coming to an end,
That She and I met.
Not that She rescued me from there,
But She was a witness, thankfully,
And not a bystander.
Her being a witness to My silent madness and still...
And still just being there after that, the way She was,
In itself saved some part of me.

From that sardine-packed train
To this sunset sea,
All the wars have been fought,
All the expectations have been nodded to,
And now there is just peace.
The next minute is always looked forward to,
Since we now know that any of them could be the last.

Yesterday affects today,
Today makes tomorrow,
Is no longer the single-most truth,
'Cause ten years ago
What was a Friday is now a Thursday,
'Cause ten years ago,
I was a stubborn genius,
And now I can say with a smile,
That I don't know what I am.
My past didn't point me towards Them,
Neither did it lead to an Us.
It was Us,
Who chose to work on it,
We made "Us" possible.

So after all that War and Peace,
After making sense of every little thing on this journey,
I like it that I Lived,
And became this person.
I like it,
That I can start over again,
And again, and again.
But never just drown,
'Cause it's Us,
'Cause it's Me.


She says-

Another New Year's spent well,
Another New Year's spent together,
But this time it's new.
My head resting on Their lap,
My feet on her's ,
Though it is not our old couch,
This cold stone also feels warm,
With both of them here.
They are humming a tune and she is tapping the stone on it's rhythm,
And this is so much better than the radio, I can't wait to record it.
Where is this? A lockup
How did we get here?
In a bet to check if that scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was true or not,
I lost and the other two won.
But I swear to god,
This New Year's trumps all.
They are looking at her with such a loving gaze,
In this empty cell,
Our start, Our birth,
It's like it is happening again.
Only this time I'm the witness.

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