A Single Spark

By Mudita Raj

On those dark and windy nights,
When I try to sleep with all the "might have beens"
When, I sit and wonder about the road not taken, 
A little spark in me, keeps me calmly restless, 
This spark is not as huge as a fire, 
But burns brighter than any wildfire ever,
It keeps me on the edge, 
Works as all the Dopamine, I need, keeps me calmly restless. 
This spark, within me sometimes scares me, 
I love it, as much as I fear for it,
I love it, because, it helps me find the raw me, the uninhibited me,
I fear for it, because it's absence, can mean, me losing me
Don't be mistaken, this spark is not just any ordinary spark,
In true essence, this spark is me, and I am this spark,
Don't be mistaken, this spark is not just any ordinary spark, 
In true essence, this spark is all my dreams, my hopes, my virtues, 
This spark is the symbol of where I come from, and where I am headed at, 
This spark, is me, my dreams and my bare essence.


  • Wonderful piece of work…

  • Keep up the spark in you ignited and keep motivating everyone……!!!

    Swati Raj
  • Amazing work, Yet again!!!!!!

    Oshi Raj
  • Speechless. ?

    Naveen Mahla
  • Lovely work! It’s a spark. That will light up everyone’s life. Keep writing Mudita. :)

    Priti Yadav
  • Your work is tremendous Mudita..amzingly expressed the beauty of dreams loved it!! Keep writing.

    Deeksha singh
  • Another blissful writing by you! Will work as a ignition to the spark. A hell one motivating work!!

  • Loved it…???????

    Neil Saraswat
  • Very fresh perspectives on the beauty of dreams and the emotions they’re connected with.
    Beautifully portrayed. Keep writing, Mudita!

    Chandrima Pramanick
  • Mazel Tov!! ? You are a stunning writer undoubtedly.you always inspire me by your writing ?? thanks for sharing such beautiful and meaningful words ?

    Shubham tailor
  • And this spark of your’s will definitely lead you to achieve great heights….speechless mudita…keep it up…and never ever loose this spark…

  • Your poem descibes the spark within u!!! great job.

    sheena chugh
  • Your poem has a mind blowing sense of relativeness. Yes! the spark awaits us within, trust is all we need!!


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