A resolution every man should take

By Riya Patel

Like every year,
This year also I took a resolution.
Women needs to feel safe in this country,
And here's my contribution.
I promise to not stare at a girl,
Whether she is wearing a saree or a skirt.
I promise myself not to take advantage of the situation,
And touch a girl inappropriately in a public transport.
I promise not to objectify women,
Respect their decisions,
And stand by them,
Even though the society is against them.
Mother's duty is not confined to the house itself,
A sister also deserves to enjoy equal rights as her brother,
A wife is also allowed to follow her dreams,
As a man I should make sure that a mother , a sister and a wife is happy.
I promise to look at a woman with responsibility,
And not as an opportunity.


  • Every man must read this….

    Priyanka Shakdwipee
  • Wonderful topic to write on. Women safety and supporting women and making them progress.

    Shwetha Maiya

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