A note and word to my diary

  By Sonu Priya
Dear diary,
Thanks for escorting me until you were ceased! You've seen all my emotions,
I know sometimes you were soaked up with tears., You've seen my belligerence,
Throwing you down
Aggressively wrapping papers
Writing in pressure & harassing you by my insane behaviour!
Yet with half-torn pages, rendering a fresh page !
You were by my side in my loneliness,pain, helplessness, sickness,exhilaration... simply speaking throughout my thick & thin !
Carefully concealing my memories, every page flying in divergence of emotions..
You came across people who made me & broke me,, accompanying me through journeys, together celebrating festivals...
Never expected anything from me except a touch,,
Your warm welcome depicted by fair pages..wah! What a generosity?!
Even then I am inhumane
I betrayed you...
When new year comes,then comes new one..
       Helplessly keeping you aside
       Helplessly welcoming new one
       Mercilessly throwing you in shelf
Thinking about how you exist without my touch? Missing my chuckle & grieve,disrelishing the new replace....
        Here is a word my dear,,I always miss your consoling nature,you always slash in my mind when I happened to touch new one, realising the cover page isn't yours,no more warm welcome,all I can see in new one is discomfort..I miss you more than you...this is a note to tell you that your position in my heart is irreplaceable!!


  • Love this, so relatable and still profound 😊

  • Love this 💙😁

    Hemangini Mandaliya
  • Its beautiful 👌.

    Gargi Sidana
  • Awww i felt it too

    Diksha Prashar

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