A new year resolution of anti-resolutions

By Sharmila Maitra

2020 it is! A year brand new,

Hopes, desires, needs and wants,

Some refurbished, some renewed.


Here’s to the decade of adulting,

Here’s to the time, willingly taken, for some soul searching.

And here’s to seeking some solutions, perhaps for one’s own evolution.

Umm…But how can that be attained? One may ask.

Oh, it’s simple-Through a customary new year’s resolution.


So here cometh….

Resolution no. 1

This new year, I solemnly swear,

That off my love handles, I shall wear.

But then I see that huge chuck of red velvet staring,

And I think- “Nope! This colossal despair, I am not bearing.”


Resolution no. 2

This new year, I solemnly swear,

To learn swimming -a skill useful and not that rare.

I searched for trainers and researched its benefits,

Was a wee bit curious, to be fair,

Until I saw the session fee-After which,

“Nay, not going there.”


Resolution no. 3

This new year, I solemnly swear,

To follow my beauty regimen with much devotion and care.

But realized could cover only basics of the multi-step process,

As traveling from office to home is quite the task- Tiring, nonetheless.


Resolution no. 4

This new year, I solemnly swear,

To strictly bid farewell to my unrequited love affair.

But how can I refrain from those beautiful and kind eyes?

And not return those friendly smiles.


So, you see my predicament,

And understand the frustration.

Perhaps, in installments.


Time passed by-And I was neither calm nor collected.

So, one rainy afternoon, I sat aside and introspected,

Afterall-Why isn’t anything working?’ This had to be inspected.


Moments passed, even hours, nearly 2, but nothing clicked.


A REVEALATION! AN EPIPYFANY! Making my mind run amok.

So focused was I on ‘What should I do?’

That I was dwindling the importance of ‘What would I not do?’


Resolutions are like lazy fighters-designed to fail.

Why? Because, resolutions centers on the ‘What should I.’

Thereby making us frail.

Whereas, the knowledge of ‘What would I not’ is special.

It is the power of the known,

A chance to gain control,

A room to out-grow negativity,

And, an opportunity to expand even more.


 Thus, a year it is, of anti-resolutions,

My power to seek solutions,

For my own personal evolution.

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