A mother's choice.

Anita Mary John

My mother , she was young,
she played along with the flowers in her yard
and her feet were friends with the fresh cut grass
the waters she swam with her friends
with a childish sparkle in her eyes,
one of hopes and ambitions,
of wonder and irresponsibility
the wishes she made on the stars,
she wanted them before her eyes
and for that she burned the midnight oil,
day after day , night after night
she ignored her cuts and bruises ,
the insults and rivalry,
for she wished more than anybody else,
to have a voice of her own
and to stand up on her own feet,
in this strange world she fought about.
now an adult , susceptible to worldly desires
her wings had to be cut down,
her visions became blurry and distorted,
her thoughts and emotions
didn't matter to anybody anymore
tied to the ropes of marriage,
she wanted to capture time and hold it close to her heart,
but she chose to sacrifice herself,
tied to the burden of raising her brethren,
she lost the sparkle in her eyes,
as she slowly burned like a candle,
she ignored her own self ,
as she tried harder and harder,
to find consolation in her life and peers
she had no control over anything anyway.
she felt trapped in everything she loved,
her identity distorted to match everything around
and in her deeds she tried to find support,
she tried to make everybody around smile,
sewing on a  happy mask to her face
while the threads and strings kept hurting her
she wants to be free and to escape
all that she wanted she couldn't have ,
her children she wants to succeed,
to not have a life like hers
They are her only hope
her seeds in the earth of home.
the candle stand , how long will it hold
until she falls like a pawn
losing herself to a dungeon of lost dreams


  • Well done dear Anita Mol. So proud of you. Keep it up.👏👏 🏆

  • It’s really nice nd the way u express the feelings through those words is really amazing ✨♥️

  • Super 👌, well done. Congratulations Anita. Keep going…

  • Well done congratulations

  • 🤩🤩Good one…… Anitaaa😘😘

    Hafsa Amna
  • Nice dear… keep it up…

  • Really touched…keep writing dear

  • Beautiful.. Really nice

    Misha Chandralal
  • beautiful poem ….. congratulations…. keep writing..

    Donna Sajan
  • beautiful poem. Congratulations molu

  • Exquisite, Anita🌼. Keep writing😍❤

    Rona George M
  • Well done, you have perfectly narrated the real character and nature of an unsophisticated Indian village woman.

    Chandran KP
  • Well done

  • Well done Anita…keep writing….😍

  • Touching &Beautiful

    Shaiji Mathew
  • Beautiful and touching. Well done Anita. Keep writing👌👏👏👏

    Sophy Joseph
  • Well penned…..proud of u dear…..go ahead

    Seena George
  • Well written poem Anita. Really talented.

  • Its such a beautiful poem…. Loved it…

  • Such a beautiful one louv♥️♥️

  • Beautiful .. dear 🥰

  • You are so talented Anita. Keep writing and touch our souls.

    Preeti Rajesh
  • Beautiful… Really nice

  • Really good..❤

    Kajol chand s
  • Anita…. Well written…….

    Jalaja priya
  • I love you and your poem OMG its mindblowing😘😘

  • Beautiful 😍

  • So beautiful 😍

  • proud of you. Beautiful

  • Beautifully penned.💯🔥😍

  • Powerful and heartfelt poem..


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