A Lonely Soul

By Roohi Bhargava

I am a soul,

Lonely and empty.

Not that I'm alone around,

But have a lonesome heart.

Amongst the crowd so massive,

My heart is drowning.

People around seem so far,

They seem to ignore their heart.

Though understanding, they seem so rude,

Taking self on priority, they seem to ignore.

Knowing everything, I decide to live,

Live for the dreams in my eyes,

Letting the happiness bubble in heart.

I began working for my own self

For living the dream I always aspired.


  • Short, simple, effective. Kudos girl.

  • Beautiful❤

  • Beautiful poem, keep doing the great work….

    Sukesh Bhargava
  • Nice poem Roohi…. Keep it up..!!!!

    Richa Bhargava
  • Nice poem Roohi! ❤ Keep up the good work.

  • Super amazing ???

    Navkiran Kaur
  • Nice poem Roohi.

    Eeram Khanam
  • Nice piece of work ROOHI…Keep it up…

    Anubha Bhargava
  • Great work Roohi. Proud of you. Keep it up!!

    Gautam Bhargava

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