A Living on Mars!


Here I go doodling a rocket
and my spaceship
as I leave for a vacation.
To live life on the red planet.
A red rock like structure,
with its sun and moon.
Neither too hot nor cold,
Resembling vacation on the island.
In isolation.
A land in the sky,
is where I stand.
I packed my telescope,
to view my people from above.
The most astonishing vacation of my time.
Ohh, I see an aeroplane in the below layers of cloud,
like a bird, learning to fly.
The time here is unusual,
the day and night seem queer.
There is a different language here,
and I am new to this.
Knowing a way of life,
a lot different and quite a few similar.

A big planet is living life
in peace and serenity.
It was known and believed to be
a life sustaining planet.
As we stand in 2050,
on a massive structure
supporting lives.
The people here know my planet,
and they have known us to be true humans.
They are the Martians,
the citizens of Mars.
Known for their inquisitiveness,
survival skills and uniqueness
in their integration.
They are a step ahead
in humanity.
A way forward
in the face of life.

As it holds life,
as much as the Earth,
there will be migration.
To the distant land,
on a journey to explore newness
in a new found life on the red land.
There will be parting,
but in an urge to save the blue planet,
this seems to be a distant future.
A feasible life,
in years to come.
A new land,
with its sun and moon.
When travel to space,
won't be extraordinary.
Indeed, a means to sustain life.

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