A journey to define my identity


Hey friend! Where are you going?

My lips uttered: “On a Journey”,
my stalwart mind repeated, it’s “on a journey”
a well-defined destination is waiting.

Zephyr, at onset of the journey,

The morning bus stopped – by the gesture of my hands,
gesture urging for the start of a journey – a new journey.

Destination legibly imposed
onto a white background board,
placed at front of the bus,
speaks out “the destination is the way forward”,
this is not the right bus for the lily-livered.

Stepping in,
three steep steps placed me onboard,
my steps, my efforts,
to step up from the crowd.

Bare road, seemed less travelled,
I gathered a seat aside window,
windows throw light inside;
inside the avid self, and bring in
introspections and revelations.

The conductor appeared, his words made me thoughtful,
“whats your destination” ;
the perplexed mind murmured,
“where my identity takes me to”, no;
“where I want my identity to deliver me to”.

Illuminating the path of my life,
Dense forests of pessimism cleared off,
Eliminating flaws to perceive the mastery,
Nurturing from failures,
Tremendous changes underway, as
I search for the meaning of life,
Time flies;
Yare to deliver multitudes of joy enroute destination.

For me – Identity is integrity,
Words; irrevocable agreements.

It started drizzling;
water; in from the window pane,
droplets of water from the clouds - onto my face,
like a butterfly pushing itself out a chrysalis,
bringing in colors to lives around.

A blissful childhood, was the true gift of my Indian parents,
the care and concern were the butter in bread in due proportion,
thy pain, my luxury,
thy hard work, my comfort,
thy hands , fed my hunger,
thy sacrifice , were for my happiness,
you molded me , my identity;
aside thy body, I realize ;
myself is a part of thy body and spirit.

The travel fare paid while journey progressed,
stepped down at the cross road,
this was an intermediate destination,
changed over and continued the journey,
through insights gained,
to the never ending journey of life,
until contented meanings are defined for self-identity.

Here the journey continues.


  • Great inspiration for those who wants to truly live and leave a mark of their existence.

    Deepan Roy K
  • Great inspiration for those who wants to truly live and leave a mark of their existence.

    Deepan Roy K

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