A Girl

By Clio Sasi

There is a girl
Hairs with curls
With a million dollar smile
with guys behind in a pile

Beauty is what she was known for
The make up, the fashion, roared
Looked like a diva, yes she did
but her soul ate her bit by bit.

One day a girl she met,
whose cheeks were rosy red,
whose eyes were with freedom,
whose synonym could be seldom.

Diva became her best chap.
and she changed her life in a snap.
Diva sensed a strange emotion,
but didn't want to lose the sensation.

Soon she was fond,
how hued girl was normal and stoned.
In the crowd her hair calmed her,
and the unintentional touch opened her.

Then one day she came over.
Diva, as happy as a princess in a tower.
The time with her was ineffable.
Being with her made her unstable.

Then a second, just like an oblivion.
Diva could feel her heart stunned.
As she looked down, at the fallen attire.
All of a sudden diva felt her desire.

The Hued girl leaned and caressed her lips,
She joined in and felt her heartbeat skip.
If it was her way it would've never stopped,
If it was her way she would've already eloped.

The pure innocence grew, 
as they engaged their eyes with emotions so true.
At that second, at that moment,
they found themselves and the missing element.

They found their other half,
with whom they could foully laugh.
They were the dove, high above,
They knew it was love.

but the ugly truth is no one will accept them,
but it was just an obstacle for them to overcome.
Well, they had each other,
Together they'll be irregular.

Now, Diva was someone who barely knew.
Hued girl was new like a dew 
Though Their love is pretty precious,
But for them, blood suckers,it is contagious.

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  • It’s a little on the off side. More on the fairy tale’s side. Something like a scary tale might have adjourned silence until later, followed by rawness. Honest work, though!


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