A fight inside me

By Aman Khattar

It was stormy and wild
Slowly turning serene and quiet
Oh! Resembling seashore?
Or it's lonely inside me?


Trust, love and affection
Doesn't charge me anymore
This exponential growing pain
Set my hollow core!


I thought the flowers you
planted inside me will be watered
someday and i am still waiting
for that and you don't have any clue


I tried to stick back those
scattered pieces of love on
the floor but the only thing
I could see is 'reflection of me'


Empty like sky without stars
Living with those invisible scars
I don't even remember when I
Had the last real laugh?


Flow of calm and unrest
Inside me may die someday
And I may come stronger
With better and brighter Ray!
I will come stronger with
Better and brighter Ray!



  • Good work Aman. Keep writing :)

  • So well put!


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