A Fall to Bridge Heart to Heart

By Prateek Joshi

A bridge I had to cross, to turn my deaf ears off doldrums
In a place where escapade was in a clutch of arms, we banded together
Trivial ties tripled, and the trouble was just the tip of treble

We are seven years off the hook
Weren't we seven miles off the coast?
In our own pitch now, batting beetles for balls
Sun dried, we have chased off ghosts - so full of parade yet
They don't miss a blind spot often, for no vision
They wish to masquerade and send us two off again.

A brittle pace had me thinking sometimes
But your lips spoke too many words when your tongue was in mine
So I had doubts and maybe you did too
So surrendered were we to the hustling which we were up to
No mirror could distill the wine from our love
We were too raucous and bamboozling off our selves off liquor

Maybe the paradise was on our side, having given up flipping dice for a time
To catch a slipping memory, I tried to undone my mind
It caught up in a flurry breeze and slowly sipped off my heart
Too much to do in those Vodka months
Too little do we have to show our love
The minutes wrung an elegy in the end

I know little why but we were too much for the two of us 
and a third would have meant another fiasco
So here I am and there you are, still my heart beats to cover for your skipping heart


  • Thank you, everyone!

  • Beautiful poem. Loved the line ‘Trivial ties tripled, and the trouble was just the tip of treble’.

    Sneha Asthana
  • This was so beautiful! Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • This poem played with my emotions. Well done!

    Brinda Sarma
  • You’ve seriously taken my heart. You’ve played so well with the words. Amazing work!

    Sanya Badera

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