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A Drink of Praise: “To My Friend Umer"


I poured the ‘Praise’
‘In the goblet’ of sincerity,
Offered to “my friend”
To drink,
In the name of ‘eternity’

I poured the ‘Praise’
Up to the goblet’s brim,
Till the sun went,
From bright to dim

I poured it more,
Till it spilled on the floor,
Unaware of mine,
Was giving him sore

I gave him more,
And more,
Over again, yes,
I poured it more.
Oh, sad! Did not he,
Drink it at all
Said he,
It smells ‘Sarcasm’
Tastes like Poison

He spit it on my face
And turned away his gaze,
Dripping ‘Praise’
Falling all over my face

I tasted it
My friend was right,
I drank it full,
To make my last night

Yes it was poison
As my friend said,
It was sarcasm,
I drank it all,
My Sun gone,
It sets in the horizon


  • What and how have you played with words sir. Such stark shiftvin tone and action, nice real nice!
    Keep writing, keep expressing!

  • Thank you so much for your appreciation and kind words :)

    T Velmurugan
  • A writer in you i have never known, ur poem touches the bosom,
    “May the piece reaches the one u have in mind” when u have given ur passion in expression


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