A Dreamer's Sojourn

By Pooja Reddy Bathula
Here i go traversing again,
Into the trenches of a territory unnamed.
Beyond the grasps of fiction and reality,
In bewilderment it lies -
a dreamer's sojourn.
Every other night, being never the same
A whole new world it is,
concoting infinite newer possibilities.
And this is where you can
Not just fly but soar -
right through the thunder clouds.
Can sunbath lounging inside a tiny chinese ceramic;
Or swim across an ocean 
floating in a colourful fruit loop.
As everything this place holds is profidious
And nothing really matters at the end
So it doesn't -
If the voices in your head keep screaming their way out,
For the only sounds that haunt you here
are the ones holding silent prayers.
It doesn't matter,
If the air that you breathe has grown stale
For the walls here are scented of lilacs and roses.
As it turns into a wonderland 
slowly transforming into mystifying woods
All of it and more, the worlds afar;
are all ajar right within our heads.
A place it is to somewhere you and I
and everyone we know can all go,
But never together.
For it is a lonely expedition, 
alone your ramble lies enriched with a trail of adventures.
And fading by the fast rising sun
everything stops still; a moment of stupefaction.
Followed by a euphoric inebriation.
As a feeling of tranquility hugs itself
round every corner of your frozen nerves,
our brains keep functioning in downward spirals.
An odyssey it remains as long
as you are fast asleep.
And if you dare open your eyes, it'll all vanish a dream.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 


  • On Point!

    Kaushal Saboo
  • This is beautiful


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