A Dayout With Shades

Ayush Arya

First morning in Manali,
I was ready
With my tracksuit on
matching my Harley's
greyish black texture.
I continued to light stroke
the handle
As I waited for Olivia.
It isn't her name.
Madness for Olive
forced her to write
under this pseudonym
Sounds weird ? Well,
From painting everything olive
And putting herself in danger
To lambasting writers of
superhero shows for not
adding an Olive ranger,
I've seen it all.
Just then,
she walked down the stairs
in her favourite joggers
carrying a little basket,
for lunch
We rode past
the winding lane
The thought of being
2050 ft above
was totally insane.
Riding at 90,
we could feel the breeze
on our faces
And every ray of the sun
hiding behind mountains
acted like braces.
Greenery of the fields
A treat to eyesight
Kids playing
and flaunting Madrid's Jersey
shoes pinching off grass
and making a flurry
People planning
In their camps
Ready for trek
with their overlong vamps.
The green texture
faded a little
Hint of the best
white took charge of region
as we kept flying away
from the nest.
Shepherds could be seen
guiding flocks
that made
A beautiful looking block
We crossed downtown
climbed up the hill
the roads were narrower
raising bars of thrill.
The blue filled sky
was slowly eaten up
By black clouds
Tiny drop from above
darkened the cemented road
Similar to how we add
dark shades of water colours
giving aesthetic pleasure
It rained heavily,
we put a pause
and stopped at a nearby stall
Olivia fancied a beverage
we had the best combo
of noodles and tea
lucky enough to
enjoy it with
the spectrum
The wonderful 7- coloured curve
of appealing charm
you name it, it has it
As the light forced
its way back
we resumed our ride.
Ended up to the top
of the mountain
And the scene was
every hue down there
was perfectly blended
like a sketch
Or a masterpiece
of an artist.
we clicked multiple photographs
felt enormously nice vibes
Very similar to
Something you chased
and end up
winning the prize.
Our way back to hotel,
cherishing a great evening
We looked out on the twilight
As charismatic as anything.
Biding farewell
to Yet another wanderers
who fell for the colour full
natural beauty that it upholds
In hope to see us
Again someday.
Wearing our joggers
And riding our Harley.
Spreading love
And Adding Olive.

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