A Day in Augustland

Sarah Abdi

"Okay, she is wearing a yellow dress! She will cook a mango dish today." Zion said to himself while noting down in his notes. For six years he has been up to something. At times he tells  himself she is just a crush, other times he wants to be a die-hard romantic lover buying her roses.
Every time he looks at her he has no clue where time flies away. So being empirical he sets a  timer of fifteen uninterrupted minutes for his dedicated window love. "beep-beep-beep” the timer rings "Ah Man! Please go and confess her" he said to himself. Zion was the new neighbour of Adelyn six years ago. They have been eyeing on each other but
tongue-tied. Adelyn has set a mirror at her window which Zion is unaware of. As per her wish, she simply  lies down on her bed and watches him do his daily chores. To make sure she doesn't miss him later, she records it in her video-cam to please herself with some of her favourite moments of
him. Not knowing what it is they love staring at each other but shy by nature both are masters at
doing it secretly. More they think of each more they want to talk to each other.
But today could be a different day in Suitor Avenue. According to a prophecy, people of Suitor
Avenue are promised to acquire a magical power 100 years later on the day when the month of
August was added to the calendar. The blessed will be the ones who are good in character and
true in love. Zion and Adelyn knew about it however were scared of being hurt.
Holding on their thoughts close to their heart, they happened to face each other at their window
sash. So you must know how it feels to see your crush? Butterflies everywhere with huge smiles
on blushed faces with those eyes that send thousands of message waiting to be pulled in a
conversation. But you also want to shut yourself to avoid any stupidity. So trying to break the
odd minute both ran their hands through their hair, smile back and wave a "Hi!" Yes, finally they
did that mini step!
It was like the entire universe was waiting for them to approach. Like you know somehow the
heart gets to know and it pushes you to please go and talk to that person. Somewhere on that line
of thought, they began their first conversation.
She couldn't anymore stop from asking him to come down for a walk, so she signalled him to
come down on the pavement. Immediately he said yes, as though he was waiting for her to call.
There is no Love if you don't feel it like Magic! So something magical happened with them too.
As they stepped out and came on the Main Avenue in front of their houses, they experienced
something they had no clue about.
He experienced visualizing them two below the stars in a ballroom dancing on the tunes of the
songs he has on his playlist. On the other hand, she just realized to be able to read his mind of
him thinking something so magical of a dance below the sky full of stars!
Five feet apart they smiled and said "Hi, my name is .." their eyes not able to hide how much
they waited for this rendezvous all this time. He couldn't stop himself, grabbed and kissed her
lips like he always wanted to. She could feel the rush of sensation on every inch of her skin. She
couldn't believe she was this close to him, his hands holding her face while they kissed.
When they opened their eyes they were astonished of what they saw around. It was not the same
road a few seconds back. It seemed to have transformed into some other land. They were in
Augustland. Dressed in satin and silk! Cupids striking arrows to the clouds of love! Heart-shaped
halo encircled them and lifted them on a mattress ready for a beautiful ride.
No words could express their level of joy! It was just them two. Augustland was full of flowers.
You think of a flower it would be in your hands. The rainbow river could even talk to you and
sing you poetry that you wish to be sung for your beloved. The halo landed the couple by the
'O Majesty! Have you ever thought?
Why for love, have lovers fought?
This the moment they wanted to live,
To you shall Augustland give!
A gift of Time,
The moment of Love worth more than a dime!
“Oh thank you, Mr Rainbow River”, said Zion while fetching the yellow water and giving to
Adelyn to drink.
“Hey this tastes just like the mango mouse I cooked today.” a happy Adelyn said smacking her
She held his hand and decided to walk through this beautiful land. A sense of calmness they were
in to live the „Once in a lifetime chance‟. Never in six years they ever thought of such a place
could ever exist.
On their way they saw small huts with transparent outer, it looked like it was made of water.
They thought to spend some time there. Adelyn opened the door, they saw the most exquisite
canopy they could ever dream about. The bed was soft as the mulberry silk. The walls of the
room painted with the moment captured in them when they smiled at each other. They beamed
with joy as they saw it. He held her to close to his face; she smiled and pulled him out of the
house to walk in the meadows of the dream world. No one would want to miss the opportunity to
travel through a beautiful and colourful land of Augustland.
A few miles they travelled holding and cuddling. They stopped near a mountain; „The strongest
of Love Will pass the Tunnel Above.” The moment Adelyn spoke this she was wrapped by the
“Adelyn, Hold my hand!”
“Zion please help me out of here” Adelyn cried while the Earth swallowed her.
On the mountain it was written, “Not all get to see the truth, only the just shall pass the test.”
A bright shine shone as soon as he read the words on the mountain wall.
He understood that to prove his love and get out of here he needs to reach that bright point.
Unknown of the way, he started to climb. He put all his strength and will. The slippery stones
made it difficult for him to climb the mountain. Just then an image of Adelyn ran across his
mind, no power of the world could stop him from getting her is all that came to him. He had to
do it even if that would cost him his life on the way. A string of emotions ran inside. He wanted
to spend his life with her. He will never let her be in trouble.
He kept climbing the stones. His shoes dropped off, the stones started to hurt him so much that
tears dropped off his eyes.
He would not give up. The sunset started setting in slowly. The happy sounds of birds were
being taken up the howling winds. The temperature started getting cold, enough to lose the grip
his way up. A step misbalanced and he would fall from the height that nobody could survive. He
stopped in that position for a few seconds and closed his eyes, he could see her smile. The
warmth of her soul and the love in her eyes made the impossible mountain seems so small and
possible for him.
He ascended with more speed. The bats fluttering and hitting his leg could not stand the warmth
of his body.
He was stirred up with complex energy difficult to describe. His body was warm enough to make
him love the cold he was getting as he went up. He started enjoying his journey to get her. His
wait to see her was making his heart pump more. It was a love he never imagined. A passion a
force never experienced. He never knew he could enjoy the Climb. But he was able to. All of a
sudden he wanted to fight off all the things that would come his way to stop him. He wanted to
prove them; he wanted to show them what he is made up of. He wanted to display his strength
that was beyond muscle.
Just a little bit more he was away from achieving his goal of acquiring the bright light. He now
wanted to achieve it. You can never defeat a man who wills something. He was willing to win it
to see what challenged him. He felt fortunate to be a part of this climb. He could have never have
had more an enriching satisfying love than this. He was just a few hurdles away. While coming
till here there were moments he wanted to look down to see how big a hurdle he had crossed. But
now he just wanted to see what was there that provoked him. The climb seemed little to him than
the excitement he had to meet his love. He was sure that he would see her once he reached there
and fight off anything that came his way. He felt so much complete than he ever felt in his life.
He reached the top! There was an embellished pearl box shining so bright. He opened it. There
were two Royal Ruby rings with “Blessed be the couple” written on it. As he read, the stones
moved away the tunnel came on the ground and turned to dust, Adelyn was right there.
She cried and ran toward Zion “I am so sorry, I had no idea about what was happening, I would
have never asked you to come here.”
He hugged and calmed her and showed her the rings “Look at this!”
She was overwhelmed to see what was there in front of her eyes.
While they stood admiring the beauty of the most perfect pieces of stones in their hand, a sound
roared across the sky.
“Eternal be thy love.”
The sky gleamed with the glittering stars twinkling in the black sky.
The floor was decorated with the precious and lustrous crystalline agate marbles universe ever
had. It felt like heaven.
Adelyn decorated in a satin and lace dress with a lovely bun. Zion dressed in sheer fabric tucked
in the classiest trousers.
The looked beautiful together. They could have never asked more than this. The moment of their
life was there. They were in it. They were together and happy. Just as Zion knelt to propose her
the ring, his favourite song was in the air. The exact moment he visualized in Street Avenue. He
proposed her the ring she said “Yes!” Cupids of the night struck the lyre with chords of love. It
was a time for celebration. The stage was set. They held each other‟s hand and danced as they
knew that music and the moves. The rhythm was there, the steps all well-rehearsed. They danced
effortlessly. They were happy. The place was for them. The luxury food was all set for them. It
seemed they were offered a treat by the universe itself. They were served the sweetest delicacies.
They were gifted the finest chocolates. As the night closed it curtains they were led towards a
castle of roses.
As stepped inside the castle, they were covered with silver light. They stepped in; they were in
Zion‟s room that was on the Avenue road. They were perplexed and overwhelmed with what had
happened. Zion was just trying to figure out how to explain his parents her presence in his room
and the fancy dress they were in. Just at that time, Adelyn noticed something. She told Zion,
“Hey see there, this is us.” She pointed towards some photographs on the wall of his room. The
photographs had them in this dress of the moments that they proposed each other the ring, the
only difference was that the photographs had families of both of them.
A knock on his room door his mom said: “There is a parcel for both of you, I am keeping it at the
door, take it.”
“Yes, Mom!” Zion shouted and took the parcel. They opened it. It was a marble plate with
“Eternal be Thy Love” written on it.
Zion and Adelyn could not understand what happened, but all they knew they were blessed and
they were actually „Together and Forever!‟


  • It’s coherent approach to connect beginning with the ending. i liked how author has illustrated the characters and turned the story with beautiful ending.

    Ritesh Kumar
  • Like how Zion and Adelyn got magical power, we got this magical poetry by writer. A drop-dead gorgeous fantasy ride i went through.


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