A Dance

Malvika Nair

There is this Dance

That we always do.

First come the words,

Because we feel too shy.

Then, come the knowing glances,

Glances of longing as we chatter nervously,

Knowing well what happens next 

Yet pretending otherwise.


“That which is on my mind,

Is it on yours too?

Desire (or is it Need?)

Are you wishing away my clothes too?

Are you wishing my mouth were on yours too?”


We draw each other to ourselves

And then our bodies take over

They know, somehow.

Who taught us this? Did you teach me?

What can be said but that it was all

Tenderness and exploration;

Gentle noises and fierce kisses;

I’m smiling as I kiss you back,

As my tongue dances with yours

As our hands explore this familiar, comforting terrain

The wonder of the first time is perhaps no longer there,

But the charm has only grown.


This is what my mind replays as I shower the next day

Wishing I could keep your scent on me a little longer.

And I remember everywhere I was caressed a

And, what we talked about later

In those moments, where everything around us seems warm and in soft focus

And when we were too tired of willing ourselves to stay awake,

We fall asleep, kissing and holding hands still.


  • Thank you so much for your kind words, Janice.

  • I can imagine all your lines, expressively written. This line is my favourite: “As my tongue dances with yours” Thank you for your words


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