A Crimson Farewell

Whispering, the rain stumbles 
A moulted cacophony arrives
As trains in winter, 
Why must always be late? 
Apologies dressed as eulogies, 
(a young boy still stands at an abandoned altar)
What fate does autumn have in store 
For petals even spring has betrayed? 
(An ancient bed creaking at midnight) 
What other dreams could summer not sustain 
Another shall arrive lathered with hope-mist 
A brighter sunrise marred with fewer scars 
Go (my love), this horizon is ended 
Waltz at the edge of other event horizons
Go now (my love), go go please go 
Let no outstretched fingertips impede 
Let no half-chewed up pleas obstruct 
Your graceful ascent to wherever you deem
The next forever lies dreaming 
Forgive this little star 
For thinking it could hold your shine forever 
Go (my love) 
You must go now 
This horizon is crumbling 
Waltz at the edge of other event horizons 
Go with all my love,
All the luck this world has to spare 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Sincerest Apologies' 

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  • It is impressive ❤


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