"A Certificate..."

M. K. Manisha


Dear dairy,

As usual it is my another day to be accounted as the 10,439 th day of my purposeless but healthy life, which is still far better for this hopeless brat, than many other worthy people(without any reason). But, still, I need to end it with the best thing, I got to be lived for this present day(like always).

Which has to be…Just another call from Nana ji (like always)…

So, this time, the phone call revolved around the existence, purpose and, the certi….

Wait!, is it certificate? Waoh….

Yes, this might excite you…. But yeah, it is certificate.

Yeah, I know…… I can read your face, my dear dairy. I hear you saying…

“how the hell this new word- certificate, got its place in our already ‘overdone with heavy, old people’s literary words’ vocabulary, which we never understood and…

Where, we will never ever try even… for reading between the lines to understand (as old shadows have been echoing in our ears since long).”

But it is, as it is….

Come on, Leave it…or else it will be a long story(like always).

So, where were we?...

Aah!... The best thing of the day….

Okay, my precious, here comes the treat for you,

… which I trust to be embedded on your body for this another day of my useless life, under the series of…

‘Being useless-chapter 5’

“ Nishu, I want to witness the purpose of living myself rightly through all the years believing the thing of finding “Happy ending”.

But, as soon as I get to be punched by the reality…, I sit in my arm chair and wait for the better day to be answered.”

After a long pause, this intelligent, smart, modern,happy…. but sorrowful deep inside, soul exhaled.

“Nishu, after my lovely doll, the only one had my heart (lost his younger daughter to cancer, years ago), I got to be brave enough to live this residue, no matters how hard it is to keep myself from burning this meaningless life. I had to go on with it, surrounded by selfish and bad people(who made hell out of his heaven by torturing his daughters and family, in some mean ways).

But, as I got so far holding this nonsense, I conquered some positivity in being stood still through out this whole journey as winning parent.

I appreciate the fact that despite all the negligence… even from my own people(his loved ones who got into their own lives….. and treated him like a burden) to whom we barely matters…

… I and your Nani ji, happened to be good parents. Either it was betrayal, or the unexpected refusal (in any means)… we succeeded.

Nishu, you know…

Yesterday, when your nani ji was upset about her worthless struggle (as she considers it for being not acknowledged by the loved ones), for making beautiful and successful family. I promised…

I promised her that one day, I, myself will write a certificate for us to be announced as the parents who have all the rights to be known for their sacrifice, beyond all the money they own and children to be proud of.

I will write to be valued enough for taking care of our existence at this very stage of being left alone. I will write to make sure her to be loved after me(worries me the most). I will write for being asked to consider our humanness… instead of treating like surfeit.

I will write…

I will write it, dear.

I will write It stating …..

“It is to be certified that you, Mr. Ratibhan and Mrs. Shakuntala devi (an old pair, just crossed 80’s… and, is very much lonely to even pay for sparing some time, if anyone has) have accomplished a great thing of being enough parents…

.. to raise your children to be wealthy enough to keep the descendants blessed enough for pursuing that so called ‘Happy ending’,

…which you, yourself have deprived of…, and dreamed about,

At the deadly cost of yours ‘BEING INVISIBLE’ enough…
… to be IGNORED.


Issued by : Mr. Ratibhan”

I will write it, Nishu. I

will write it for her….. I will write it for you all.


  • Beautiful piece. 🙂

    Meenakshi Dangi
  • Beautiful niece.

  • Wonderfully expressed!!!

    Harkiran Kaur

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