Silent Words
Silent Words

Silent Words

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Title: Silent Words

Author: Nishant Gang

Poetry, a story with a message wrapped in the charm of rhymes, helps escape the drudgery of everyday and introduce the world to a world of words. An engineer by qualification, I found my love for words amidst solving complex equations. Silent Words tells you that your silence is what you should hear. Hear and connect with the real you, every whisper will be true.

Meet The Author

I am a 25-year-old Engineer currently working in Gurgaon. Having been lived in over 5 cities and met a fair share of people, I had the fortune to know life up close. It’s been 10 years now since I have been living on my own and every day, I am surprised to know more about myself. I love to travel and perhaps that is what I earn for.

When I am bored you can find me in some random place with a cup of tea trying something which is probably not my cup of tea. My favorite tagline is one that I wrote myself, “Read to know…know to read”.

Hope to meet you someday,

A Poet

Instagram: @the_solo_gang

Pages: 40

ISBN: 978-8194478546