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Inqalaab on the Walls
Inqalaab on the Walls

Inqalaab on the Walls

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Title: Inqalaab on the Walls

Author: Sutputra Radheye

"Sutputra Radheye's poems are letters of concern from a young poet written in the effervescent flavours of resistance. While oscillating between belonging and unbelonging, these verses look for some light. A promising book of poems."

—Madhu Raghavendra, Poet.

About the Author

Radheye is a poet who believes poetry to be a means of protest. His works have been published in several national and international magazines, and journals. But all of it is like yesterday’s headline, as what matters now is this book, and the words you are reading. His verses are his identity. And, his life is his struggle.

Pages: 114

ISBN: 9788194478553

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