Wash Your Hands, Wear A Mask

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Book Details: Wash Your Hands, Wear A Mask is a poetry collection of stories of real people and real issues written by Dr Naina Athalye. The poems written by Dr Naina Athalye are about child labour, refugees, women’s identity, a changed world after COVID 19 and love. There are nearly 10.1 million children employed in India according to UNICEF, 250 million economically active children out of which 153 million of these are from Asia according to the ILO. Women and children continue to succumb to domestic violence and cultural violence such as genital mutilation and sex trade. People are displaced every year due to wars and internal political strife and now by a virus. The author emphasizes, through her poetry, that we can make a difference collectively. This world can become a better place by valuing human rights, freedom, empathy love and by sharing our resources.