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Bookish Magazine has been created to fill your days with something exciting that your classroom does not offer. Yes, back benchers are most welcome and the ones that failed their last test are on our VIP list of readers. It is because we know literature is created and consumed in places that are slightly off sight. Novels being read, hidden in your biology textbook are A-OK. The only disclaimer is that our magazine will not offer any ordinary Damsel in Distress kinda stuff, that is so old school! Tie your laces because we are taking you on a literary ride that is specially curated for the post millennial kids, who breathe in wifi and exhale emojis.

Number of Pages: 35 

Issue: November 2017  


5 Poems For The FALL

Tips to Doing Interesting Things

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks

Poetry In MUSIC

Short Stories

The Guide To Writing Poems 

Wingword Poetry Competition Poems

Popular Cinepoems on Youtube

Interview of Charles Bukowski