Authors- The Last Flower of Spring


The Last Flower of Spring is a collection of poems tied together by the common theme of loneliness. Written by young poets from all over India, the book portrays the grief and self-judgement that corresponds to seclusion. The anthology is thoughtfully put together, each poem resonating an array of human emotions. You will find traces of vulnerability and moments of strength as you flip through the pages of the book. The enticing poetry will serve as a reminder of better times that follows after hardship; the power of overcoming pain and the continuing life in its full vitality. 

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Our Authors of the anthology have been listed below.


Aakanksha Jha

Aakanksha Jha was born on 15 march, 2002 in Mumbai and has always loved stories. Now a sixteen year old girl living in Mumbai , she is about to give her  12th boards in March. She identifies as an intersectional feminist, believes in representation and hopes to propagate the same. She is also a mental health advocate. She sees herself telling authentic, real stories of the world around and inside her, and empowering others to tell equally important stories as well.


 Aarush Deora

 Aarush Deora is a 23 year old aspiring poet and writer currently living in New Delhi. He has recently completed his MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical college and is now working as an intern in Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi. He has loved to read and write ever since he got his hands on a book, choosing to spend  equal time in libraries and playgrounds. 



Aashna Nagpal 

Aashna Nagpal is a 20 year old pursuing a degree in English Literature from DU. She has been published in various literary journals. She is fluent in quoting poems of T.S. Eliot, Agha Shahid Ali and Sylvia Plath. Through her poems she attempts to explore feelings of restlessness, yearning and isolation which are particularly visible in the imagery she uses. She hopes to someday contribute something meaningful to the literary world.


Aashna Pathak

Aashna Pathak is a quirky 18 year old Delhite, an aspiring poet willing herself to touch heights, which would explain why you're reading this here. An alumnus of Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, where she first discovered that literature, books and words seem to not despise her but rather wove, entwined and engraved themselves in her life well, thoroughly and deeply. There, she discovered her love for reading, befriending books and carrying that with her wherever she goes. Along with being an avid reader and writer she embraced her verbose ways too and was an inter school debater. now with school over she is pursuing law at V.M Salgaocar college of Law, Goa.


Aastha Saurabh

Aastha Saurabh is a 17 year old, born on 23rd Feb, 2001. Brought up in Faridabad, India. As a teenager, she encountered many people in her life who taught her a lot through many bittersweet experiences.  She found solace and comfort in words, and began writing poetry about two years ago which remained a secret in her diaries and the back of her notebooks until recently. She is being published in the souvenir magazine for Delhi Public School, Noida.


Ayushi Gupta

Ayushi Gupta was born on July 19, 1999 in Patna, Bihar. She has always been a bibliophile and a silent observer. She's the creative, versatile, happy-go-lucky goofball. She's currently pursuing BA (Hons.) English Literature in Jaipur treading towards her shining future with unfathomable determination. Writing is something that she has recently tried her hands at, to express what goes on inside that tiny head of hers.



Abhidha Jha

Abhidha Jha is a poet who has been published in ‘The Last Flower Of Spring’ by Delhi Poetry Slam. She sees herself as “An inexplicable possibility in this entangled universe,Here to entwine the stars with my verse.” 



 Aditi Choudhury

Aditi Choudhury, born on 29 january 2001 from Bhubhneswar, Odisha.She  wrote her first novel “kalachakra” when she was 14 years old based on trials and tribulations in a woman’s life. She was awarded state level Rajiv Gandhi Award for being an exceptional young writer. She particularly elucidates her thoughts that purely depict feminism and its true essence yet sometimes spicing up with romanticism too. She likes reading novels regular blogging and writing poems. 


Aditi Dhar Choudhury

Aditi Dhar Choudhury, born on November 24, 1998, in New Delhi. A keen observer of the existential realities, her poems, over the years, have evolved into a melancholic palette, harping, as they do, on the darker shades of life.  Her poems are a reflection of the struggles that an individual has to undergo, against oneself. The poems, in a way, are a pointer to the greatness of the softer sensibilities, that helps one cope, with life's vicissitudes.


Aima Juveria

Aima Juveria was born on September 12, 1996 in Raebareli. She has been  fond of poetry and music since childhood. After her passion of computer programming, she shifted to New Delhi, where she graduated in computer applications along with which she learnt French and Arabic. Currently, she is a student pursuing masters in computer applications, and a content writer of her college magazine. She believes, a life with rhymes is always an adventure.


Akanksha Sarma

Akanksha Sarma is a poet based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Despite professionally writing for four years, she took to the pen at the tender age of eight. Her muse and creative vision stems from several incidents in her personal life, and is related to observations of things around her. Currently, Akanksha is an undergraduate student at Mount Carmel College studying to teach and take up writing professionally. 



Aleena Jomon

Aleena Jomon, born on 8 August, 2001, She loves to sing and write. Even though she's originally from Kerala, the state of Qatar is the home she's ever known. Being an avid reader from the age of 10, she has written a series of poems and anecdotes. Her major encouragement factor is her family especially her parents. To have her work published in the book 'The Last Flower of Spring' has given her immense confidence to write more and voice her thoughts to the world.


Ahladita L

Ahladita L sought to write poetry at the young age of 15. Born in April, 2003.  She is currently finishing her grade 11 in Hyderabad. An avid traveller, she tries her best to draw inspiration from her surroundings. She is a profound reader and an active socialist, working with multiple NGO's in the past to create a change. 'The last flower of spring' is this aspiring poets blessed debut.



Amoolya Tripathi 

Amoolya Tripathi is a sixteen year old student pursuing Humanities as her stream. She resides in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.She writes a blog for teenagers which helps them gain motivation to have a better standard of living. Her first book "Gingerly Yours" was also published with great enthusiasm and zest this year. She  has also won various prizes for story writing.  Her work has also been published in kids magazine Champak.




Amrapali, she is 22 years old, currently living in Bengaluru, who aspires to be a novelist. She wrote poems, short stories or essays every time she felt her emotions were being compressed which slowly developed and she followed her heart to become a writer.Her poem in 'The Last Flower Of Spring' book is dedicated to her to pet, a life companion whom she lost but who made her a better writer. 


Angelaa Kaur 

Angelaa Kaur was born on 2 September, 2000 in Delhi. She truly believes in the art of observing things around and if they are fiery enough, they find their way into her words.This visionary girl aspires to be a budding economist and revolutionise minds with her prolific approach.


 Anupriya Palni 

 Anupriya Palni was born on June 15, 1998. Even as a child, she enjoyed reading and listening to stories. At the age of 12 she decided that she wanted to write like the authors she idolised.  At the age of 15 she started writing poems and short stories. After joining college and taking up English as one of her subjects, she started her own blog on WordPress called soaringeyes. She continues to post poems and short articles on her blog and social media pages. 


Athira Unni

Athira Unni was born in Malappuram, Kerala, in 1993, in the town of Calicut. She started writing at the age of 12. She has a double degree in English and Sociology from SUNY Buffalo, NY and completed her Masters in Literature from Hyderabad Central University. Her poetry has been published by NAME magazine, Generation magazine, Brev Spread and Madras Courier. She currently lives in Bangalore, teaching college kids who routinely get the best of her. 


Avani Eileen Purty

Avani Eileen Purty was born on April 24, 2000 in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. She loved to sing and was trained since the age of three. She has completed her schooling and now studies at Christ University, Bangalore as an undergraduate in B.Sc. (honours) Psychology. She has been writing since she was old enough to understand the beauty of words being strung along, creating emotions and expressing them on paper. She has written short stories that have been awarded 'commendable' in junior and senior categories of All India Short Story Contest in 2014 and 2015 respectively. She loves to paint, sing, write and express herself.


Ayan Sharma 

 Ayan Sharma was born in Lucknow on September 17, 1989 and is a musician by profession. He currently lives in Noida alongside a wicked landlord. He grew up in Lucknow and Dehradun, and since then has had a love for mountains because of frequent visits to the nearby hill station of Mussoorie. He began developing an interest in music in late teens and carried it forward.. and has a general interest in artistic classics, in the realm of music, cinema, literature. He hopes to release his cult songs someday. He likes to write in moments of inspiration, and has a distinct and unique style. Incidents and experiences of his life provide for the emotional base.


Ayushi Jain

Ayushi Jain at 22, has things to do with words , tragic plots and inspiring endings. Stays 2 km away from Negativity. Dares to dream big and courageous enough to make her dreams happen. She can't understand how normal people can survive this world without a pinch of madness and holds own dictionary of slangs proudly. P.S- A firm believer of love, peace and Melo drama.


Ayushi Gupta

Ayushi Gupta was born on July 19, 1999 in Patna, Bihar. She has always been a bibliophile and a silent observer. What gives her solace is music, singing and spending time with her dear ones. She's the creative, versatile, happy-go-lucky goofball. She's currently pursuing BA (Hons.) English Literature in Jaipur treading towards her shining future with unfathomable determination. Writing is something that she has recently tried her hands at, to express what goes on inside that tiny head of hers.

 Bhavna Chaudhary 

From shooting trap (shotgun) and getting medals ,having a black belt in karate to being a published poet of the book 'Pure Soul ' -this 20 year old is super versatile . She will touch your hearts with words. Words that are unsaid yet deeply felt , emotions you struggle understanding yourself arranged in the most beautiful way. They can move you and bring you to tears or make you realise complex things in milliseconds. Swings between the extremes of a misanthropic introvert and a warm philanthropic super confident human. She comes with good and bad on the plate - true and raw. She’s witty if you want help with replying to texts (or in an argument need to prove a point ) ,a reliable listener and basically all things nice. Fierce and soft ,an extremist and someone balanced ,she might not agree but an idealist , a dreamer and yet very prudent- a bit paradoxical and purely magical.


Bhavya Achen



Bhavya Achen, born on January 2, 1995 in Hyderabad, developed a penchant for literature and poetry from a tender age naturally, for, it runs in her genes. She is a certified Dentist and practicing currently in a Dental Hospital. She loves to spend her leisure time by reading books, pencil sketching and listening to music. She can be described as an introvert with a pinch of extroversion, who picks her muse from personal life of hers and people around her to strike a chord with the  audience. Her linguistic and writing skills won accolades from all quarters. She won the first prize in a poetry competition for her rendition of "Mother and her plight", held in her graduation days. The same was published by a mass communications college in their 

Debadrita Ghosh

  Debadrita Ghosh was born and brought up in a small town of Murshidabad. She hasn't been a part of hectic town life, which has been a boon to her imagination. Now, that, she is a part of city life, it opened her horizons to more people and stories. And as a college goer of 20, she could not have been more happier, than this opportunity of publishing. And she would love to heartily thank Delhi Poetry Slam for this.


Devisha Tayal 

Devisha Tayal is a software engineer by the day, a Zumba instructor by the night and a poet all along. Born and brought up in Delhi and currently resides in Bangalore, she started writing at a very young age, inspired from her grandfather. She maintains a blog of her poems and writes articles on Medium as well. Her passion for health, fitness and dance got her attracted to Zumba and she is now an International Licensed Zumba fitness Instructor. She believes in living life to the fullest and her vivacious and happy-go-lucky energy is infectious. 


Dhriti Kansara

Dhriti Kansara is a 16 year old who lives in Vadodra, Gujurat. Like most young and modern intellectual girls, she loves basic elements of life by being a strong nature lover, foodie, an active reader and writer. She perceives writing as her biggest strength. Her experiences are no different than those of a normal teenager, nevertheless what makes her different is how she wishes to voice every feeling that is left unsaid and signify the complexities of human life. She is currently doing her 12th Humanities. She has been gifted with the art of presenting herself in a very poetic way and her write-ups have often been published in school newsletters.


Dimple Gupta

Dimple Gupta, born on 1 December, 1995 in Samrala, Punjab,  had always been fond of poetry, music and painting. She has been writing poetry from a very young age and is currently working as a school teacher after her recent post graduation in English Literature (May, 2018) from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Dimple's poetry is marked with deep meditation and self observance. More than outward genius, she herself claims to be her inspiration. 


Divya Deora

Divya Deora was born in Bangalore in the year 1994. She is currently pursuing Bachelor's of Visual Arts from the College of Fine Arts, Bangalore. 'Writing' was something she believed she couldn't do until one day she penned down her thoughts that seamlessly flowed into stanzas. She now dreams to reach the world through her creations of visual art and poetry. An ardent lover of nature, she knits words of experience and observations together. She not only writes poems but enjoys recording them in her voice.


Fardeen Rafique

Fardeen Rafique was born on January 30, 1997 and hails from the state of Assam. Facing many hardships as well as good times in her life so far, she began writing poetry at the age of 8 with her first poem about a flower that she came across in a park. biggest source of inspiration for all that she does is her grandmother, after whose demise she had written a heart-wrenching poem on her. Her family, especially her  parents have been a constant pillar of support for her to grow in life. Fardeen's major interest lies in the subject of psychology in which she is currently pursuing her MSc., in Bangalore.


Ferica Sari

Ferica Sari was born on july 7th,2001 in Meghalaya,India. She lives in Jowai,a small town in Meghalaya. She is now doing her 11 science in a high school situated in Jowai itself. When it comes to writing, she was fond of it at a very young age. She started by changing the lyrics to songs she loved. However, she wasn't so passionate then. Her love for poetry  and writing only started when there was a Poetry Writing Contest  at her school where everyone had to participate. It was 2013 and that was when writing actually became her hobby. She hasn't received or won any title till date though she hopes to soon. 


Gautami Bhisikar 

Gautami Bhisikar was born on November 26, 1998 in Mumbai. She is currently pursuing her degree in BAMS( Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery). She's been writing since her high school days and finds happiness in writing. She feels that it's the most desirable way to reach the hearts of people. She says,"Words are relatable. They heal, inspire, help and emphasize our minds and souls." She is bound to write since her heart tends her to do so. Being a budding poet she aspires to unfold every single aspect of life through her writing.


Hanan Ruqayya

Hanan Ruqayya was born in Calicut, on 26th of September 1994.  She is a Keralite hailing from the small town of 'Areekod' in the Malappuram district of Kerala. She is currently a final year undergraduate architecture student at Government engineering college, Thrissur. The poet spends her leisure time reading, writing, and hopes to one day breath life in to the unique stories and characters that her hometown is a witness to.


Hina Firdose

Hina Firdose, born on March 21 1995, is an aspiring dentist cum poet, tossing her interest between medicine and literature. Even in the midst of hectic schedule, her affinity towards literature is never compromised. Compassionate enough to express herself through poems, she has been that quintessential amalgamation of fun and excellence and and exemplary solitude lover.



 Iram Zuber

 Iram Zuber is a budding author who has profound fondness of poetry writing and started showing signs of it since a very young age. Born on Sep 9 1996, she hails from Bangalore, Karnataka and belongs to a conservative family which has been her biggest strength. She is an avid reader and has huge collection of novels and considers John green and Markus Zusak  as her favorite Authors among few. Though she was fond of reading from a very young age, her love for writing was revealed quite recently and she has penned down some breathtaking poems ever since. She draws inspiration from things around her and the innateness of her work makes it relatable to the common person. She dreams of having a library of her own collections one day.


Ishita Banerjee

Ishita Banerjee, born in January 2003 in Kolkata, is currently studying in class 11 at St. Pauls boarding and day school. She has been writing poems ever since she was in class 9. Her hobbies include singing , rapping , listening to music , reading story books, drawing,writting. She has taken part in various writting competitions including the SPBDS talent contests held at her school by BEE BOOKS .Some of her works has also have been published in some local newspapers and school magazines. She also wants to write more in future and inspire all the sections of the society.



Janhavi Thorat

Janhavi Thorat first took to poetry as young as the age of six years, when she mostly wrote about her love for dark chocolates and her fear of water- both of which continue to this day. Since then, she has gone on to serve as an editor for various school and college-level publications as well as been the executive editor of the annual magazine of a national level medical students’ organisation. She is currently pursuing her last year of MBBS in Pune, her hometown. Apart from making incisions on patients, she also likes making artwork and occasionally singing a song or two, especially for the children at the hospital. Through her writing, she hopes to be able to make a deep positive impact on troubled souls and one day, wishes to touch cats without getting a full-blown allergic reaction towards their fur.


Josphin George

Josphin George is a Malayali girl born in a small town of Chhattisgarh. She never realized her love for poetry until after graduation she saw a very old diary from her 4th grade. While other kids used to draw flowers and dolls in their notebook , she sat writing her own set of rhymes. She was a great storyteller and won a few creative writing competitions in school, but always underestimated her passion for writing.She was made to believe  high school was all about good grades and  getting a job was a priority. But soon she found out that she missed a piece of herself while trying to fit in with others. Well, Its never too late to do the right thing, so here she is doing what she loves the most in search of the missing piece of her life.


Jovita Kaur Aroraa

Jovita Kaur Aroraa, the only child of pallika and charan has a very lively and joyous attitude towards life which is also credited to her schools step by step in Amritsar and in new Delhi.  Her friends have always been a motivation for her to write and high school drama with them has none the less been a great source of inspiration. Her diary and pen have been her constant companions throughout these 16 years. She might not read her school books but sure would love a cup of coffee with a ravindar singh novel. She definitely lives in a world of books but never by the books. 


Jyoti Jethani

Jyoti Jethani is budding poetess chasing her passion and dreaming of her wonderful career in poetry. She was born on 13 June, 1991 in Delhi. She is writing poetry from a young age and grew up with the hobby of creative writing and reading. She was also a member of editorial board of newsletter "AAKRITI" of her college.Her life changing experience was releasing her own book " The Untold..Screaming of the silent soul" which was recently published in October, 2018 that brought her recognition as an author and a poet with great success. She has dedicated her life's experiences to the power of poetry which has routed her feelings, imagination and thoughts into a poetic music.


Karmishtha Krishna

Karmishtha Krishna, born on 18th September, 2000 in Pune, India. She believes that curiosity is the key to a positive and happy lifestyle. Being born and brought up in a medical background, art and poetry was her unique way to express herself. However, the science genes in her make her love mathematics and coding. She hopes that by pursuing design as a career, she can bridge the gap between these so called extremes of the world – practicality and creativity.


Kaushani Banerjee

Kaushani Banerjee, one year shy to being 20 years old. When she’s not busy chasing assignment deadlines or preparing for examinations, one would find her immersed in the creative maze of poetry, music and art. Kaushani has been noted for her exemplary writing skills at school and community writing contests. She found her passion for writing ever since she started reverently reading the weekly Tinkle Digests and the popular comic haven- Amar Chita Katha. A curious scientist in the making, Kaushani hopes to get inspired continually and adorn empty minds with hope and happiness.


Kavya Venkateshwaran

Kavya Venkateshwaran, born on 16th June 1998, in Chennai. An avid debater and orator, she has been writing poems for as long as she could remember. Regarding Rowling as one of her favourite storytellers, Kavya has won numerous essay writing and poetry competitions in school and college which encouraged her to become an amateur writer, quite in contrast to the engineering norm which she also happily pursues as an aerospace engineer. 


Koushik Ganesan

Koushik Ganesan was born on 30th October 1996 in Chennai. He was an ardent nature lover since childhood. Being quite sensitive and good with words, Koushik writes poems occasionally when the situation calls for it. He adores poetry and loves the way it lets one's emotion flow through words to reach the reader. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies in Biotechnology in Rajalakshmi Engineering College.


Kritika Mittal

Kritika Mittal, born on October 10,2001 in Sunam, Punjab, loved artistic things from a young age. She is an exceptional student and was the co-ordinator of her school. She is currently in high school. She has participated in number of debates and declamation ,she got award in drawing competition and also got the best actress award and has represented her school in the great heritage function. 



 Lalfakawmi, better known as Awmi was born on 22nd October, 1996 in Aizawl, Mizoram. She showed keen interest in writing and singing at a very young age.  She took part in All India Essay Writing Event and won the North Eastern category in 2011. Since then, she has not stopped writing poetry and short articles and hopes to publish more of her works in the future. She finished her BA degree in English Literature from, Delhi University and is currently pursuing her Post Graduation in Comparative Literature from University of Hyderabad, Telangana.



Lathiba was born in April 13th, 2002, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is a vivid reader and an eminent poet. She is a school going student who follows writing as her passion. She spends most of her time listening to music by boy bands and reading books. Her first writing experience is when she posted a fanfiction online based on one of the members of the boy band One Direction. The positive feedback received from her family and friends encouraged her to continue her journey in writing. Now, she whiles-away most of her time drowning in poetry or putting pen to paper. 


Linnet Chahal

Linnet Chahal was born on 28 Nov, 2001, in New Delhi, India. She is an avid reader and has a keen interest in writing and music too. She started writing poems at young age. Until now she has written many poems both in hindi and english. Her poems focuses on varied issues/subjects.  Most of her poems strongly deals with a teenage character, the feelings and emotions which she has tried to crave beautifully with her words. She is an inspiration for youth who wishes to be a poet.


Mansi Goyal

Mansi Goyal, born on May 29, 2000 in Mumbai, began her journey with poetry at the age of eleven. She writes in two languages, English and Hindi. She believes that poetry connects people by creating a common ground for them to express or relate to their thoughts and feelings. It reminds them that there are people who feel the same emotion and knowing this can help them find a blissful solace. She defines poetry as woven words that describe life. Two of her poems have been published in the literary magazine of Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM), Hyderabad in 2015. She is motivated to publish her own book of poetry.


Manya Singh

 Manya Singh, born on 9th January 2002, New Delhi has a love for poetry, food and travel. Having lived in Indonesia for most of her childhood years, Manya moved to boarding school in India, where she began writing poetry. Her first poem was dedicated to her sister. Manya is actively involved with NGOs and animal helping organisations and wishes to pursue a career in medicine.


Medha Arora

Medha Arora is a 17 year old who studies in Grade 12 of Delhi Public School, Pune. If there is anything she loves more than immersing herself into reading, it is writing and music. She deems that writing, especially poetry, is the purest form of expression and self-awareness. She has contributed a poem and an article respectively to two issues of her school magazine, along with being the coordinator. A poem of hers has also been featured in an online magazine titled ‘The Bagpiper’. She has also won the bronze medal in the Commonwealth Story Writing competition and first prize in a nationwide essay competition organized by Ekansh Trust.


Sri Sai Mohana

Sri Sai Mohana was born on the 22 of March 2000 in Hyderabad; she took up interest in writing from a young age. The urge to express her imagination inspired her to begin writing. From writing about childhood fantasies, she went on to pen down her emotions about life, love and the world. At the age of 10, one of her poem 'When I turned sweet six' was featured in a regional magazine. Apart from her love for writing, she also likes to spend her time reading, drawing, keeping herself fit and day dreaming. She hopes to inspire others through her works and is thankful for the constant support she receives. 


Moksha Garg

 Moksha Garg was born on November 30, 1999 in New Delhi. She always had a keen interest in literature. Writing and expressing her thoughts about everything that touched her heart, is something she loves the most. She is a journalism student, preparing herself to take her writing career at a new level. Her poetry has been featured in The 2018 Poet's showcase and yearbook. She is a published author in the international poetry digest 2018 and ‘From the Heart’ poetry anthology 2018.


Muskan Atar

Muskan Atar is a radio in the age of i-pods. A cutting chai in the cups of Starbucks. A cute hut among skyscrapers. Sometimes a loner, mostly a dreamer. 21 year old, Muslim girl. Mechanical engineer who claims stage to be her happiest place. An introvert but doesn't shut her mouth when you talk about chicken and chocolates.Self-proclaimed humanist. Dances on classical beats. Gets high on life. And if you want to enter her closet, read her diary under the pillow.


Naina Tyagi

Naina Tyagi, born on 30th November 2000. Lives life according to her rules. A future nutritionist, a passionate writer and poet who lets out her feelings in words. She loves to read and is always in her own small world full of love and fiction. She's doing her nutrition degree from SNDT women's University, juhu, mumbai. She volunteered for a school program called Kshitij, which focuses on teaching the poor and uneducated children. Also is doing an internship in procaffenation.



Namratha.R, born on April 26, 1998 Bangalore, is an Indian fantasizer poet, interested in golden days classic music and has created a different imaginative vintage space from her schooling days. She is an nifty student and is continuing her bachelor's in visual communication and performing arts from Jyoti nivas college autonomous. She sticks to the events experienced by her on a daily basis and moulds them into her words by writing it down in her blogs. 


Navdha Bhardwaj

Navdha Bhardwaj comes from Kota, Rajasthan and has been composing poetry since childhood. Currently in her second year of MBBS in Delhi, she revels in music and literature, and even occasionally dabbles in Cartooning. This poem is her first publication, and this nineteen year old hopes to make a difference in the world through her poetry.


Nilakshi Garg

Nilakshi Garg, born on 17th August, 1993, in New Delhi, is an amateur poetess as well as a writer since her young school days. Her education is consisting of graduation in BBA where surprisingly she scored a Third Position in first year of her batch. As for now, she is pursuing her Masters from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Dwarka. And if not writing poems, you will find her reading and writing blogs, reviews and stories and this is the first time one of her works is being published because otherwise she has been a bit shy. 


Nimisha Tomar

Nimisha Tomar was born on June 28, 1998 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. The poet loved writing to herself from a young age. She completed her high school from hometown and chose to follow the engineering bandwagon and is currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. A vibrant mess of wonderfully confused thoughts, it was in recent years of her college days that she realised her zeal for writing. Experiencing the world through words, she is an ardent speaker and an active blogger by the name 'Through my eyes' since past 2 years. Aspiring to become a good writer and poet, she is looking forward for her first publish in the book 'The Last Flower of Spring'.


Nirali Bandaru

Nirali Bandaru, born on December 20, 1996, spent her childhood in India but all of her adolescent years in the United States. She now pursues Electronics and Communication Engineering at VIT, Vellore. She has a passion for poetry writing, singing, dance, and has an affinity for languages. She came first in a poetry competition at school in 8th grade, and that has motivated her to write more. To date, she has written over 135 poems, including songs. Her poem "Rebirth" was published on The Indian Review. She writes with passion, no matter where the inspiration comes from. 


Nitya Kumar

Nitya Kumar, born on 27 July 2001, is currently a student studying in grade 12 at Springdales School, New Delhi. She has been an exceptional academic and extracurricular achiever since early years. Aspiring to pursue and nurture her interests in music, photography, physics, mathematics, sketching, painting, literature and poetry; she believes in exploring the infinite potential of the human mind. In a world that is almost always entangled in turmoil and chaos, she considers poetry to be her hideaway sanctum.




Priyamvada, having lived in six different cities of India, is fascinated the most by the omnipresence of stories, and what inspires her is the power to craft them into poetry. Born in a small town of Bihar, Priyamvada was homeschooled till the age of eleven, leading her to envision classrooms to be nothing less than the wonderland. Moved by the words of Maya Angelou, she decided to leave engineering for a literary life and completed her Bachelors in English Literature at University of Delhi in 2016. In her poems, she usually captures those everyday mundane practises in life which we have grown so used to, that it almost trivialises the horrors within. 


Prabhnoor Kaur

 Prabhnoor Kaur was born on August 18, 1995 in Punjab, India. An avid book reader and a novice writer with immense passion in writing since her childhood . She started out with writing brief sections and proses, eventually developing her interest in the forte of writing. She has also tried her hands at singing and had been one of the top winners in Punjab. She completed her schooling in Amritsar and further went on to pursuing MBBS. She had been an exceptional student , decked many times with laurels. 


Pratibha Gupta 

 Pratibha Gupta was born and raised in small town of Awadh. Her educational background in Mathematical Science has given her a broad base to approach many topics by which she has penned some potpourri writings. She is an avid lover of poetry, loves to sing, keen to learn new languages and has presented her thoughts in Hindi & English.

Preeti Chandravanshi

Preeti Chandravanshi is someone who craves to feel more everyday. Being an engineering student makes her feel like its molded the writer in her. Despite being an October kid she has a not so secret hatred for winters. Sculpture,Music,Dancing and writing may seem like a lot of hobbies to someone else but she juggles them like a pro. Having grown up in the small hill town of Renukoot she has a love for just wandering about in the wild enjoying a reprieve from the noise.



Priyanka Bharati

Priyanka Bharati was born on 29th Dec '94. Right from then, she's been trying to bring this world to being awesome and is still working towards it. She has been trying every art that comes across her in the process, which lead to her discovery for the love of music! She has been writing for the past 7 years and is working on her romcom-horror book in parallel. She has done engineering from VJTI, one of the most prestigious institutes of India and hence is kinda, * whats the nice word for boring?* Aah! too Geeky!


Radhika. R

 Radhika. R, born on November 30, 2000 in Kochi, Kerala,  developed a love for poetry at the tender age of 12 when she composed her first ever poem, narrating the epic battle of Ramayana from Sita's perspective.She secured the first prize in the essay writing competition as part of Kalam Smriti 2016 organised by Vikram Sarabhai Science Initiative. She also bagged the Best Young Journalist award in the annual Newspaper Making Competition helmed by the CII and Young Indians. Her article was featured in the Times of India, dated December 31, 2013. 


Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta, considers himself an idealist who lives in the abstract world of poetry and philosophy, with one foot in an emotional maelstrom and the other on a rickety ladder of dreams. Having always been more of a loner, he took to the world of words at a very young age.He found the written words to be the perfect medium to seek refuge in and for creative self expression. In his free time, Rahul tries to volunteer at various not for profits in his area.


Raina Mahapatra

Raina Mahapatra, 4th year law school student in Symbiosis Pune, found solace in poetry and literature at a young age. Being the only daughter of a merchant navy officer and having spent a huge part of her childhood sailing, young Raina found her love for literature and music growing and turned to poetry for expression. She is trained in classical Odissi dance and Hindustani classical music. She aims to pursue a career in international human rights law, hoping to make a substantial contribution to the society in her own way, but concedes that poetry will always be her first love.


Riyansha Shahare

Riyansha Shahare was born on 27th Aug, 2003 in Gondia District. She is studying in 11th grade at Acute Public School, is an Indian poet and is fond of music. Since six years, she is under going her Kathak training under a renowned dancer,  Pt. Birju Maharaj. One of the award was given to her due to her hardwork and participation in live shows and workshop at Kathak National Festival. She is rewarded as a best student every year because of her active participation in her school. Her interest in poetry and music made her an elegant blogger.


Romit Srivastava

Romit Srivastava,  was born on 24th of September, 1995 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Although writing has been one of his passion ever since 2009, it was only in those three years when he found true happiness in the dark times while writing his heart out. He believes that even when the music failed to calm his nerves, it was only his thoughts and a piece of paper which brought him peace and subsequently saved him. This is the first time when he competed anywhere with his work and with a lot of well wishers by his side his life as a legitimate poet starts from here.

 Ruhi Jain 

Ruhi Jain is a teen who is always in search of exquisiteness in her life is how she likes to be ventilated. Born on August 14, 2002 in Ludhiana, Punjab, Ruhi always had an inclination towards poetry. 
She has been writing poems from an early age. With the position of literary co-ordinator in her school, she loves taking responsibilities and being around inspiring souls. Reading, singing, dancing, being agile and  expressing herself through any medium is what she finds joy in. You can surely find her somewhere between inspiring others, working on herself, dodging away the negativity and slaying her goals. 

Sakshi Jain

Sakshi Jain, came to the national capital to complete her higher studies from a well-known university from a small town of the infamous Uttar Pradesh. She was completely unaware of the surprises life was holding in for her. Her love for poetry rose from a mediocre hunch to rhyme and arrange her thoughts into a long-running fiasco called 'poems'. Sakshi Jain, a commerce student struggling to pursue her choices, her choice to become a writer from a lost student trapped in the norms of society termed as "the right things" to a person who lives to love her work. Meet her through her first ever poem that is going to publish in the lost flower of spring.



Sakshi was born in New Delhi, India. She did her graduation in Commerce from Vivekananda, Delhi University and completed Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Amity University. She is also a blogger. Apart from reading and writing, The Author has a keen interest in spreading education; she provides her services independently to unprivileged children. She is currently working on a few pieces of her upcoming poetry and short stories.


Samhita Vallamreddy

 Samhita Vallamreddy, born in Bangalore, India,  is presently in her tenth grade at National Centre For Excellence. She has had an immense appreciation for the fine arts and creative writing from a very young age. Greatly inspired by an author's meet at her school, she was hooked onto the idea of being an author ever since the sixth grade. Working towards this goal, she collaborates with another friend on a creative writing online blog. She has worked as a part of her school's editorial team in the past and aspires to be a published author in the future. 


Samiksha Ransom

Samiksha Ransom was born on October 5, 1997 in the ancient city of Allahabad and displayed a flair for English literature and developed a love for reading at an early age. College provided her the opportunity to come out of her cocoon life and to get actively engaged in the literary sphere. Soon she found herself at the very helm of literary affairs of the college where she was appointed first as the secretary, and in the following year as the president of the Literary Club. She is currently pursuing her bachelors in English Literature and Medieval History at the Ewing Christian College, Allahabad.


Sarron Mohapatra

Sarron Mohapatra, born on April 1st, 1987 in the city of  Bhubaneswar, has been passionate about writing from a young age.She was a consistent academic topper in school,was among the state toppers in 10th and awarded certificate of Merit from CBSE for being among the top scorers in English in the country. She has been also awarded as the best host and hosted numerous cultural programmes in school, college and social gatherings.Though she is a software developer at Oracle,Hyderabad by profession,she is a poet by heart and she hopes to make a social impact through her powerful writings and bring about a positive change.


Sayanti Das

Sayanti Das, born in the city of joy, showed interest in poetry, music and arts at a very early age. While graduating in Geography from the University of Calcutta she realized that her abode of peace was yet to be discovered. Jaipur welcomed her with open arms provoking her creative instincts as she unravelled another of her fortes. It is strange how loneliness is what makes us realize we are not alone after all, we always have the different manifestations of ourselves, which defines who we are. 


Shailey Kadam

Shailey Kadam, a teacher, an engineer and a writer, born on February 15, 1997 in Mumbai. Can debug codes, feelings and emotions one feels hard to express. Lingers for words, tries to fit emotions in those words and finally form sentences! Weird? Maybe.... But that's her!



Sharon Leo

Sharon Leo was born on August 31, 1996 in Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, a small town nestled in the Nilgiri Mountains. She grew up in Bangalore, which is her current place of residence. As a child, she had a proclivity for books and music. She started taking music lessons at the age of eight, and took up writing as a hobby at around the same time. She writes occasionally, but remains a voracious reader with a marked preference for poetry and literary fiction. This is her nascent attempt at writing poetry.  


Shreya Sarkar

Shreya Sarkar is a poet, filmmaker, and traveller. Born on 6th August, 1996 in Kolkata she grew up inspired by stories and art. Now, she's trying to find the right medium to express her philosophies through honest expression of emotions. She's an animal lover, active social worker and graduated from Amity University with Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication. Mostly, just a dreamer who believes maybe someday the world will live as one. 


Srilakshmi U Sirurmath

Srilakshmi U Sirurmath, born on 30th of April 1999, is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Engineering in R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore. Socially awkward and an introvert, she enjoys the immense freedom of expression that writing provides. Although keen on pursuing her engineering, she has a knack for writing and art. She enjoys writing stories and poems that dwell upon the complexities of human emotions while metaphorically finding their meaning in nature.


Simran Basra

Simran Basra, born on May 5, 2001 in new Delhi,  is a new entry in the world of poetry. She is a passionate teenager and loves to sing,write and travel a long way in her dreams.. a child by heart and student by profession, this young girl is a social yet an introvert person.


Shehena Mercy 

Shehena Mercy G was born on 22nd september 1997 and grew up in Thoothukudi. She is currently doing her minors in Civil Engineering in Chennai and is soon joining as trainee at Infosys. She is a budding writer and also designs buildings in 3D view.


Soumya Nair

 Soumya Nair is a 21 year old CS student. She had been an average in studies but developed an interest in poetry during her school days. She started writing poems at a young age but was never confident to share her writings. This happens to be her first poem to be published. Apart from poetry she is also interested in photography.

 Shristi Pandey

Shristi Pandey, born on February 17, 2001 in Durgapur, West Bengal, is just another seventeen-year old penning her heart down. She loved poetry and music from a young age. She was a student at DAV Model School, Durgapur and is currently pursuing her B.Tech engineering  programme at VIT University, Vellore. She is an intern at Uddyeshya India as a web content writer.  She is a blog writer at WordPress and has had won numerous high school literary competitions. She is a budding poet and is yet to discover the basic timbre of her existence. She can be found food- hunting in the day and spilling words at night!

M. Srujita

Srujita is an aspiring poet and biotechnologist. A 20 year old living in Chennai, she has been writing for 10 years. She runs a wordpress called “The ramblings of an unconscious mind”, that she admits to irregularly updating. Srujita is currently pursuing her third year of B.Tech Biotechnology at SRM Institute on Science and Technology in Chennai. She attributes a considerable part of her writing to her English teacher in school who convinced her to submit her poem “hope” for their school magazine. She enjoys listening to music, reading, writing, drawing and occasionally attempting to pass her seemingly omnipresent exams.


Stuti Garg

Stuti Garg, born on Dec 31st, 2002 in Ludhiana, Punjab is a normal teenager going through growing pains, trying to make sense of a world which at times doesn't make sense. The one who becomes a great poet when get annoyed by this fucking world as she write to express her feelings which would otherwise not find a outlet. Poetry helps her remain grounded.



Subhiksha is pursuing her bachelor's degree in  commerce in Christ University, Bangalore. She is anything but the conventional 19-year-old. Her personality is synonymous to how she likes her coffee strong with just the right amount of sweet. From being a content-writer and editor in school to organising literary fests - she has done it all. Her passion for poetry started at a tender age of 11, when she read 'The Weaver' by B.M. Franklin in her English textbook. When she's not reading Rumi, you will find her wiling away time in a quaint cafe with headphones on, dreaming about how she is going to change the world someday. Her natural habitat is on the big stage, emceeing like there's no tomorrow.


Suchismita Ghoshal

Suchismita Ghoshal hails from Malda, West Bengal. She s 21 years old now, pursuing her graduation in Zoology. She has always been an avid reader since my childhood. She gets inspired by the incidents take place on my surroundings. As a result, she started writing things according to my interest. This leaded her to become a good writer in future. She's lucky enough to has given chance to get published by such a great publication house, Poem Pajama! Words are not enough to describe her happiness & excitement! She thanks each & everyone for gifting her such lovely present as it gives worth to my words!


Sudharma Dwadasi

Sudharma Dwadasi, born on the 6th of June, 1999, has been passionate about penning down his true emotions for as long as he has known. But it's only recently that he's coming out of his shell and sharing his art with the world. Apart from poetry, he is deeply passionate about diplomacy and alcohols. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management from IHM Pusa, New Delhi. To go with his passions, he wishes to be a bartender, a mixologist and an alcohol connoisseur all bundled into one. He says all his poems are a little peak into his heart.


Sudipti Saha

Sudipti Saha was born September 24, 1998 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. An Indian poetess, Sudipti took a great interest in English literature and poetry, having composed her first one in her school days. She has done her schooling from St. Joseph's Convent, Nagpur and is currently studying to become a cosmetologist. Alongside that, she is also doing a course of BA. Many of her compositions have been published in newspapers and magazines. 


Sumbul Syed

Sumbul Syed was born on 25 November, 1995 in Kanpur. Sumbul  discovered her talent for writing during her school days. She currently lives in Noida. She writes blogs, poems, quotes and shayaris. She reaches the phase of transcendence whenever she holds a pen and a diary to write. Sumbul likes comprehending human behaviour and one day wishes to become a researcher in the field of psychology. Literature and science makes her life worthy because she believes both have the power to change the world.


Sumira Grover

Sumira Grover,  aged 17,  is an aspiring poet living in New Delhi, India. A student of grade 12, she is studying in Springdales School, Pusa Road and has been an exceptional student winning an academic prize consistently. She has been an avid reader and a passionate dancer since childhood. Her poetry resonates with her deepest emotions, fears and apprehensions. Starting as a hobby, her passion for writing poetry gradually transformed into something she wishes to pursue.  Some of her works are also available  on the online writers' community of Wattpad. Inspired by classical poets like Sylvia Plath and modern ones like Rupi Kaur, she  too intends to make a place for herself in the community of poets.


Sunu Limboo

Sunu Limboo, born on 5th of July 1994, grew up in a small village, Bermiok, in the hills of West district of  Sikkim. She completed her high school as a Science student and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Nursing from Dr. N.T.R. University, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Inspite having nursing degree she always found her happiness in writing and has committed to persue it further in life. Beside writing, reading has become a ritual of her everyday life and is fond of music. She is grateful for the privilege that she had while in junior high itself to get to read numerous books which has inspired her to write. She recognized her passion and potential of writing while in the beginning of college and people around loved her poems and would insist her to carry on that kept her motivated to write.


Tamalika Banerjee

Tamalika Banerjee, born on 5 January , 1994 in Assam and brought up in Bihar,  is now living in Dehradun. Her love for writing drives her to a poetic world. She has done her B-tech in electrical engineering and now pursuing MBA in Power management. Apart from that she is a singer and a blogger and won numerous awards and prizes for her writing. 

 Tamanna Bhatt

Tamanna Bhatt,16, stuck in a small but crowded town of Delhi, India lives in the state of forlorn even though being surrounded by so many people. November 22, 2002 born, this poet, has been living poem and song-lyric writting as her life since she was 11. She always has her head in the cloud and come rain or shine, her hand never stopped writting and her mind didn't get tired of imaginations. Whether it's her feelings as poems and songs or writting a story of her own world as a novel. Reading drama fiction and murder mysteries is a part of her fantasy filled universe and working in these film-genre is her dream. 'Empty rooms' (her poem) is said to be poignantly very close to her, revealing her isolated life to all. With this poem, she is for the first time stepping into the shoes of a poet officially, letting her doors of world of her creations open to the world.

Tanish Bafna

Tanish Bafna, like every other 16 year old, finds himself weighed down by the problems of the present and the uncertainty of the future. He scavenges through his mind, trying to find means of escape. And through his online writing blog, he believes to succeed in that particular quest.   He is a quite a bit of performer too; with distinctions from Trinity College of London, he excels at mimes, reciting poetry, acting in pairs, performing monologues and his original pieces. He is also well known in his school: Delhi Public School Pune, for his speeches, seminar lectures and oration skills. Along with an artistic mind, he portrays focused qualities like consistency in the academics avenue of his life. In totality, Tanish leads a philosophical life, full of energy and creativity. 


Tanishi Jaiswal  

Tanishi Jaiswal  was born on February 6, 1999 in Kolkata. She loved poetry and started writing poetries from a young age since she was 10 years old.She is pursuing B.Com (Hons) in J.D. Birla Institute and is also preparing for MBA entrance examination. Her hobby is writing poetry.She has won award for Public speaking,Business and Marketing Presentation. Her poetries were published in her school magazine and this is the first time her poem will be published in an official book.


Tanishka Sidhwani

Tanishka Sidhwani is a 17 year old budding poet and writer, living in Mumbai. Pursuing humanities from K.C. College, she aims to project and express her various emotions, views and thoughts to the world with the help of the tip of the pen. Apart from writing, she has various other hobbies like dancing, interacting with new people and singing, which she also plans to attempt to in the future. Writing for Tanishka just happened. With bundled up thoughts in her head and a diary in hand, she couldn't stop herself from penning it down. By attending workshops, reading, support and various opportunities she cannot wait to make her mark in the world of writing.


Tanushree Rath

Tanushree Rath was born on March 30, 1996 in the silk city Brahmapur a famous town of south Odisha in the Indian continent, a student of Post Graduate of English from Utkal University. Tanushree was inspired from her grandfather Mr.China Satyananda Rath who was a Government Service holder but  also have a deep knowledge of English which was originally inspired the author to write poems. Miss Rath spent a substantial part of her pre-teen years in Brahmapur admittedly grew up surrounded by people and activities that didn't fit into the stereotype life of a small town. A bit of a shock came when her grandparents were passed away and Tanushree shifted to her parents who lives in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. Here She completed her 10th. After high school, Miss Rath graduated in 2016 from Rama Devi Women’s Autonomous College and post graduated in English in the year 2018 Utkal University. She was awarded with so many awards in her school days for her poems. Her life instances and her career in English both were complimentary for her works of poetry.



Tanvi Nagar

Tanvi Nagar was born on August 22, 2004 at New Delhi; she has been writing since the tender age of 9 years. She is a student of Grade IX, Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon. Tanvi has multitude of interests including writing poetry, playing badminton for Haryana State, India, is an active participant at Model United Nations, participates in street plays, debates, is learning languages including Hindi, English, German and Sanskrit and is a travel enthusiast. She honed her creative writing skills with Courses at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communications, New Delhi and Delhi Poetry Slam, New Delhi. Tanvi has published 3 books, namely, ‘Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland’, ‘A Bountiful of Rhythmic Stories’ and ‘My Book of Short Stories and Poems’.


Tulza Kakde

Tulza Kakde write poems, she takes you on a rollercoaster ride which will let you experience the highs and lows of your emotions and the true sense of love . Born and brought up in a small and mesmerising city Dewas (Madhya Pradesh) 11th December , the sixteen year old is looking forward to share her words out loud. She has won many awards with her absolute reciting skills and is a public speaker. She is now trying her faith in poetry,"The Life of my Life" is her first ever debut in the lands of poetry and its Symphony.


Yamini Dhupar 

Yamini Dhupar landed on this earth on 4th February 1994 in Chandigarh. She is a curiosity ridden rhymester! She lives in the city beautiful with her parents and grandmother, whom she adores! After losing her grandfather to cancer and then her uncle at a young age, her outlook towards life has changed considerably. Experiencing a void left by loved ones and fighting her way back, Yamini’s journey has been full of ups and downs. She has carved a career out of the alphabet by working as a blogger and scriptwriter for YouTube videos but every once in a while when the passion for poetry kicks in, she pours her heart out on her blog,