Authors- Love As We Know It


Love As We Know It is a poetry book about the deep and varied emotion of love, connecting to everything from romance and family & friends. The book explores the myriad ways that love shapes our lives. The poems touch upon ordinary situations of life, and how even in normalcy we are capable of experiencing the grandiosity of love. Explored from varying points of view, the poets don’t shy from addressing all facets of love – physical and mental. The Authors of the anthology have been listed below.

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Samia Hasan


Samia Hasan is an Indian poet born on October 1st, 1996 in Hyderabad, Telengana. A voracious reader at a very young age, she loves to write poetry occasionally. Samia has her own book review page (IG: where she posts book reviews & her own writings.

Raizel Michelina Suresh

Raizel Michelina Suresh has lived in Chennai for half her life, but her roots are from the district of Tirunelveli. Reading is definitely her best hobby. Though her interest in languages spurred her on to write, writing poems as such- was a pleasant accident. She is currently an undergraduate medical student at Stanley Medical College, Chennai.  Her main source of motivation to write was her English teacher at school.

Seshan Pillay


Seshan Pillay is an 8 year old kid wrapped in a 25 year old body. He was born and raised in Vadodara, Gujarat. He started writing a year ago just out of curiosity and later found that he really enjoyed writing.

 Neha Agarwala

Neha Agarwala, born on 15th June, 1995, is an aspiring writer and academician. Her poetry and writings stem out from an intense drawing towards any subject and she pens down her thoughts as they flow. She has been an advocate of mental health, and vocal towards the stigma against the marginalized communities.

Muskaan Duneja


Muskaan is a 15 year old teenager, born in May 2003 to Jeetika & Rajat Duneja, always bubbling with energy. She discovered her passion for writing at the age of 13 and has ever since worked dedicatedly towards honing her writing skills. Being creative from childhood, she is very passionate about all forms of art.

 Hansika Jethnani

Hansika Jethnani is a poet, visual artist and queer body positive femme based in mumbai. she has previously lived in jakarta, shanghai and london. her work explores a variety of themes including sexuality, trauma, healing, mental health, body positivity, and migration. she is interested in decolonisation and the dismantling of oppressive structures institutionalised within wider society.

Bhavneesh Kaur

Bhavneesh Kaur is an Indian writer born on December 4 , 2000 in Kanpur. Poetry is the way she expresses herself, growing up as an introvert. She runs her wordpress site  dontfitinwithbhavneeshkaur, including poems & articles on 'feminism' , 'life' , and 'mental-health'.

 Sneha Vyas

Sneha Vyas is an 18 year old pursuing commerce in Christ University. One is definitely bound to find her in a dilemma if she’s asked to choose between numbers and words! Apart from penning down her thoughts in micro tales, snippets, and open letters, she indulges in volunteering at NGOs.

Ananya Singh


Ananya Singh is a medical student at Mahatma Gandhi Medical college and Research Institute, Pondicherry. On her way of pursuing her dream to become an accomplished medical professional, she happens to compose poems and short writings in her spare time. Poem Pajama is the first platform where she has shared her work for publishing.

Aakanksha Jha


Aakanksha Jha was born on 15th March 2002 in Mumbai. She identifies as an intersectional feminist, poet, avid reader and mental health advocate. She sees herself telling authentic, real stories of the world around and inside her, and empowering others to tell equally important stories as well.

Chaithra Mathews

Chaithra Mathews is a 22 year old aspiring poet. Currently a Cost and Management Accounting student, she lives with her loving parents in Kerala. The credit for her love for literature, goes to her elder sister, Greeshma, who herself is a published poet.  is also  passionate about reading, photography and painting.

Manjishtha Pahilajani


Manjishtha Pahilajani is an aspiring writer and poetess from Gurgaon, Haryana. She is currently in 12th grade in Delhi public school. From a young age, she developed a love for books & literature. Being an introvert, she prefers to use the medium of writing rather than speech to express herself. This is the first time one of her works is being published.

Dinesh Kinger


Dinesh is an Indian Citizen currently residing in Canada. He has always been interested in participating in all forms of art in school since his childhood. Little did he know back then that this interest was more of a call from within to balance the structure and separation thrown on us from the society. Dinesh has an inclination towards writing poems, prose and rap music. 

Anshita Mehrotra

Anshita Mehrotra is a 19 year old, Indian poet. She has been writing since the age of 6, and shares her work on her Instagram handle @serotoninthoughts. She is currently enrolled at the University of British Columbia, taking a semester break now to focus on self publishing her poetry.

Trevor Pinto


Trevor Pinto is a Bangalore based poet born on May 12, 1989 in Mangalore, Karnataka. Trevor loved music from young age and has been a band member in Mangalore and Chennai where he did his Master’s in Economics from Loyola College, Chennai.  Poetry has been his recent discovery which he considers healing.

Son Kamble Rohit 

Son Kamble Rohit is a Maharashtrian  who was born on  26th September, 1996 in Hyderabad. He is a bright mechanical engineer working in ITC PSPD. Listening to music and observing minute details of nature adds essence to his poems.

 Aboli Patil

Aboli Patil is a 20 year old poet, born in Solapur, Maharashtra. She is currently pursuing her degree in Dental Surgery. Loves poetry, music and anything that feeds peace to the soul. A new author but an old poetess, 'Love through your eyes' is her first piece to be published.


Nandini, born on 3rd November, writes poetry because she feels like she has a voice which needs to be heard. She wants to help people through her poetry, the same way poetry that has helped her. Over the years, she has worked for various magazines on Wattpad as a regular columnist and identifies herself as an intersectional feminist.

Trisha Singh


Trisha Singh has been writing since a very young age. Just like her parents who also love to write, she has continuously worked on honing her literary skills. A decade plus study and work on human behaviour and instinct are common themes reflected in Trisha's writings.

Kopal Vijay


Kopal Vijay is a budding interior architect born on 3rd November' 1997 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Kopal always loved playing with words and putting her silence on a piece of paper but her passion for poetry was born in her college days.

Sayesha Wankhede

Sayesha Wankhede is an Indian poet born on September 25, 1996, in Nagpur, Maharashtra, currently living in Kolkata, West Bengal. Humble and introverted Sayesha loved poetry, designing, and music from a young age. She won prizes at her school and colleges for her poetries and designs.

Twinkle George

Twinkle George is an emerging poet with few published pieces, under her pen name J.George. Some of her poems have appeared or is forthcoming in the journals of "Verbal Art", "Indian Ruminations", "Indian Periodical”. She originally hails from the high ranges of Idukki District, Kerala and currently resides in the coastal plains of Chennai, with her best friends.

Siddhi Kakade 

Siddhi Kakade is 20 year old poet from Pune who always had interest in art and literature. She took writing as a way to express herself at the age of 13. Her poems were published in her school journals and has received token of appreciation for same. Siddhi is currently pursuing Law in Pune. She has also works as a volunteer for rescuing animals.

Bharti Bansal

Bharti Bansal is a 21 year old poet from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. She writes poetries about depression and other topics related to hushed feelings, that  are often considered shameful or taboo to talk about. Her poetries have been published twice in two different anthologies and wishes to write her own book someday.

Meharmeet Kaur

Meharmeet Kaur is a 24 year old budding poetess, psychologist and someone who considers herself to be a deep thinker.  She has an ardent love for art, music and literature. Currently she is pursuing her doctorate from University of Delhi. 

Manorma Pandey

Manorma Pandey is a first year student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. Born on May 13, 2000, she completed her schooling from Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School, Jaipur. She is a trained Indian classical singer, and a photographer too.

Jyoti Mishra


Jyoti Mishra, born on March 24, 1995 in Bhilai Chattisgarh. And hence developing a strong relationship with her writing skill's took her where she always wanted to be. Jyoti loved poetry and music from a young age. She always wanted to see herself either as a very successful Poet or a Singer.

 Ritika Agarwal

Ritika Agarwal is another ordinary poet born in small city Meerut. Her self exploration made her possible to transform her inner powerful motivating thoughts into short stories, from short stories to song and then finally poems.

Riyansha Shahare

Riyansha Shahare, born on 27th Aug 2003 in Gondia District, is studying in 11th grade at Acute Public School. Since six years, she is under going her Kathak training under a renowned dancer,  Pt. Birju Maharaj. Her interest in poetry and music made her an elegant blogger.

Runjhun Kaushal


Runjhun Kaushal is a 20 year old dog parent who deeply admires music, literature and fiction. She is fond of writing, singing, dancing and debating. She loves animals and enjoys traveling and binge watching movies.

Rakshitha R


Rakshitha R is the author of 'When Silence Speaks'. The book is a collection of poems  that she has been penning for five years now. She is a passionate full-time journalist born in Bengaluru, currently contributing her articles to Deccan Herald- a regional newspaper in Bengaluru, Karnataka, as a civic reporter. 

Devanshi Mungse

Devanshi Mungse is a Indian poet,born on July 13th 2001in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Devanshi loved music and reading from a young age. Devanshi makes sure she devotes enough time to poetry, her favourite hobby.

Albinia Pinheiro

Albinia Pinheiro was born on 20 Feb 1999. Albinia is an aspiring biotechnologist. A student of G.N khalsa college (matunga).  It's been 3 years ever since she started to pen down her emotions. Albinia also won different prizes for her poems such as "abortion", "childhood days", "emotions of a poverty stricken kid". 

Namitha Maria Benny

Namitha Maria Benny was born on September 17,1998 in Kerala, India. Namitha loves to write, to express herself ,and  to pen down her emotions. She is currently pursuing her engineering in computer science at Rajagiri School Of Engineering And Technology, Kochi.

Komal Malik

Komal Malik, who-is-not-sure-whether-she-can-quote-herself-as-a-"POET"-or-not, is 23 years old and is living in Vadodara, Gujarat. Professionally, she is working as an HR and just to break away from the  cliché - she works really hard. She believes her great achievements are yet to happen.

Naga Lavanya Desiraju 

Naga Lavanya Desiraju is 18 years old currently pursuing Bachelor of arts in economics at Shri Ram College Of Commerce. She is a trained classical singer and loves to read, write and dance.

Simran Takkar

Simran Takkar is an Indian poet born on June 3, 1998 in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. She lives in Jaipur.  She has been writing since the age of 12. She studies Sociology at Delhi University, currently and is also a slam poet.   

 Shruti Pandey

Shruti Pandey was born on 18 June, 1994. She hails from Varanasi. Shruti developed a penchant for poetry at a young age. Born to medico parents, Shruti had always aspired to be like them. She has completed her MBBS from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur and is currently pursuing her internship.

Nandini Gayatri

Nandini Gayatri, is a 20 year old girl and interior designer in making. Has a thing for handwritten letters "Handmade Love". On a healthy colour palette, painting life "Artist" & to capture the moments in tiny frames "Photographer". Move body on every single beats "Dancer". On a pilgrimage to find the world's best coffee "Caffeine". Many awards & 3 times champion in school time "Athlete".

Ankit Jaiswal  

Ankit Jaiswal is a student, currently pursuing his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT BHU, Varanasi. This 18-year-old aspiring poet from a humble town in Bihar owes his ardent interest in literature to his teachers of the primary school. Having started reaching out to readers lately, he is trying to carve a niche for himself in the literary world and wishes to be a published author in the future.

Muavia Saleem


Muavia Saleem is just like any other 20+ year old, munching, binge-watching, and c(t)rying hard for better & successful career advancements. Currently living in Meerut(U.P). A Chemical engineer turn writer. Poetry comes to her naturally. She is currently building her blog(Frame), a YouTube channel(under construction) and constantly maintaining her Instagram followers count with every day write-ups, quotes, and poetry.

Shaurya Thakur 

Shaurya Thakur is an Indian writer and poet born on January 27, 1996 in Paunta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. From the very beginning, Shaurya showed an inclination towards creative arts, an affinity nurtured by his parents who took him to movies and cultivated a reading habit from the onset.

Jagatti Krishna


Jagatti Krishna is an Indian writer born on February 24, 1998. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and spent a few years there before moving to Hyderabad, Telangana. She discovered her passion for reading and writing in high school. She also was the editor in chief of her college magazine in the year 2018.

Jyothi Swaroop Makena

Jyothi Swaroop Makena, was born on August 6th 2002,in Vizag, Andra Pradesh. He currently lives in Haldia, a port town near Kolkata. He is a class XI student, studying in The Assembly of God Church School, pursuing the science stream. He has been an avid reader since childhood. He is passionate about a wide range of things, like sports, music, and definitely, his new found love, poetry.

Monica Bose

Monica Bose, born on 27 November, in New Delhi, is currently studying English Literature in the Delhi University. She loves to read and write poetry, play guitar and sketch. Her poetry journey started with the poem titled "Dreamer and a doer" being published in the E-magazine of Delhi Poetry Slam, from then on there was no looking back!

Yashasvi Singh

Yashasvi Singh is presently pursuing B.A./ L.L.B. at the National Law University, Lucknow. She has a great love for poetry and uses nuances and symbolism to express the plethora of emotions. In April 2015,  her poem “woman” was selected for being published in the June issue of contemporary “Poetry Digest Monthly” as an editor's choice of Alexandra Pierce.  She was the youngest to contribute twelve of her poems to the poetry anthology “Word Wine 2”. Her poems were also published on Delhi Poetry Slam. 

Kinjoli Das

Kinjoli Das, is an Indian poet born on December 18th, 2001, in Calcutta, India. Kinjoli loved to write from a young age. Presently, she is studying in Salt Lake School, in standard 11. She works for a social media entertainment company called Papercut, as a writer and head illustrator. 

Gyati Nado Yami

Gyati Nado Yami is an amateur poet hailing from Arunachal Pradesh. She was born on 20th december 1996 in Ziro, one of the most beautiful and tourist attracting spot of North East India. Gyati completed her gratuation in English Literature in Shillong, and is currently doing her post graduation in Pondicherry University.

Dikshita Sharma  

Dikshita Sharma is an author by her passion. She likes to view the world through her lens whether it be to see the goodness of everyone or being optimistic in every situation. She believes that reading makes a person able to experience many lives through a single lifetime and writing cures every ache of soul to a wonderful play of words.

Meenakshi Saravanan

Meenakshi Saravanan was born on April 19 1998 in Madurai. She love writing small poems from schooling and she used to play veena which is our one of the national instrument paved the way  to the carnatic music. She is currently studying in Karunya Institution and Technology, Biotechnology Department, Coimbatore . 


Nikita was born on 5th November 1998. Her love for art was discovered at an early age. She has a creative hand that can render marvellous paintings and drawings. She has been writing blogs and website content too. She aspires to make wonders with words and become a poet that the time remembers. 

Vnuz vizz 

Vnuz vizz was born on April 7, 1998 into a humble middle class family in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Vnuz formed a keen interest in English literature during her schooling and was captivated by poetry right from an early age. Vnuz believes that poetry and literature brought out the best version of herself which she didn't know existed in her.

 Chanamthabam Ronika Devi

Chanamthabam Ronika Devi is a 22 year old, who hails from Manipur. Brought up in a difficult environment of conflict and unrest, she have always dreamt of peace and stability. She would often write short stories and poems and circulate it to her friends to read during her school days. Apart from that, she also loves singing, dancing, cooking and travelling.

Shruti Suresh Gupta

Shruti Suresh Gupta is an Indian poet born on 16 Sept 1999. Shruti loves poetry and acting since a very young age.She is an exceptional writer blessed with an extraordinary orating skills  and has won numerous awards for her works.

Rinchon Kashung 

Rinchon Kashung is a Tangkhul-Naga born on October 3rd,  1993 in Ukhrul, a small town in Northeast India. As a child she loved singing and started writing during her late teen years.  She is unconditionally grateful to her parents, Yangmila Kashung and Khashim Kashung, for their sacrifices and for always believing in her.  Her inspiration is Jesus Christ, her Saviour; the God to whom she first started writing to/for as if to a person.

Prachi Oza 

Prachi Oza is a second year BBA student at Nirma University and ventured into the world of poetry in 2009 when her first poem was published in an anthology of poems in Great Britain. Since then she has seen her work in various local magazines. She began performing at "open mic." events in 2018 and took up the pen name Prachi Shilpa as a gratitude towards her mother. She hopes to leave a mark in this world with her words.  


AGNA..... just another human walking around in this world having some dreams and messages to deliver through her poems. Being born on 2 February, 2000 she's currently in second year of college. Right now she's running an Instagram page @chamberofthaughts. 

Imaan Patel 

Imaan Patel is a 16 year old Mumbaikar whose biggest passion apart from writing is being a feminist and educating herself on various issues faced by women around the world. She loves reading everything from cliché young adult books to books on racism, sexism and current issues as well as history. Imaan aspires to pursue journalism or psychology in the future and writing a book is pretty high up on her bucket list.

Gandhali Sawant 

Gandhali Sawant is a Research Scholar from the Department of English, University of Mumbai. Gandhali has earned an MA Honours degree in English Literature in 2017. She has graduated from the D. G. Ruparel College with the prestigious Modern Education Society's Gold Medal for English Literature. On cold winter mornings, she can be seen with a cup of coffee reading works by Jane Austen and Ruskin Bond.

Diksha Singh

Diksha Singh, an Indian origin poet born on September 16, 2000, in Delhi. She is passionate about writing poetry. Since when she was in 8th standard she has written 200 poetry and one book of her own but she never got a chance to publish them. She is pursing her education in Psychology honours.

Hetvi Panchal 

Hetvi Panchal is an Indian poet born on August 18, 2001 in Vadodara, Gujarat. Hetvi is currently in high school studying at Delhi Public School Vadodara. Her only intention for pursuing Humanities was, that she can probe around more without any barriers. Always passionate about learning, observing, capturing moments and drawing into her own words. 

Deeksha Puri 

Deeksha Puri is a young school student of seventeen, who finds herself exploring the enigmas of life one poem at a time. She furnished her writings on Wattpad on a book called “Fleeting” in the eighth grade, which has now amassed 2.3K reads. She’s also the current Editor in Chief for her school’s editorial team, and has written a lot of articles, poems and stories for her school newspaper, “The Global Times”.

Jasmehar Kaur 

Jasmehar Kaur is a hopeless romantic muser born on October 9th, 1995 in bountiful Dehradun. She adores all forms of literature from prose to poetry, from stories to excerpts. Jasmehar pursued her bachelor's degree in English Honours from St.Bede's College, Shimla. She has a poetry page on Instagram named panorama_a_vista.

Priyanka Srinivas

Priyanka Srinivas is an Indian writer and poet born in Pune, Maharashtra on 20th April, 2001. She has had a keen interest for reading since a very young age, and has found her passion in making new stories for the rest of her life. She is currently a student of Science in Shrimati Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane. She has won many inter-school poetry and creative writing competitions from seventh grade to twelfth.

Neel Parekh

Neel Parekh was born on 3rd October 2000 in Bengaluru. He was a voracious reader since a young age and enjoyed reading poetry. He was strongly influenced by the works of classic poets like William Blake and Robert Frost. He currently resides in Pune and is pursuing computer engineering.

Vidya Ratnappa

Vidya Ratnappa is an Indian, lives in Belgaum, Engineering graduate, her attachments to feelings made her scribble since her teenage, she wanted to be her own secret, so she started hiding in words, whom the world calls Author, and she is fond of being so called. 

Aashi Arora

Aashi Arora is a blessed soul born on July 5, 1996 to a loving family, in the favoured city of Lucknow. With numerous dreams to accomplish and a heart full of passion, she landed in Delhi- which gave her wings to fly, and a new perspective for life altogether. She has graduated from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi.

Mridula Dwivedi 

Mridula Dwivedi is a wonderful poetess born on Oct 10, 1994 in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. She completed her education from University of Allahabad. She started posting her poems on social media platform where she was really appreciated. She also took part in an online contest by Patna Lit Art Fest and secured her place among top 30 winners for her poem "Wo Din" based on theme 'siblings'.

Rishika Goel 

Rishika Goel is student from GD Goenka Public School, Rohini residing in New Delhi. She has a keen interest in poetry and indulges in  various activities like muns, photography etc. and also run an Instagram blog @rishika__goel.

Ayushi Khandelwal


Ayushi Khandelwal was born on August 22 1997 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Her fascination towards poetry started during her childhood which she carried on with her from writing for her school magazine and also college.   She did her under graduation from Christ (deemed to be university) Bangalore where she found herself immersed in serving the society.

Suchita Thapa

Suchita Thapa was born on 17 February 2002 in Dehradun, India. She writes in Hindi and English languages and has had a great interest in writing poems, raps and songs since a young age. She has just completed her schooling from Grace Academy Dehradun, India and is looking forward for a bright future. Suchita has performed at open mics in her hometown and also has a great interest in spoken word poetry.

Sheenam Eliza Kujur

Sheenam Eliza Kujur is an Indian poet born on October 7, 1996. She was born and brought up in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She is currently pursuing MBA. Her latest work, “Heroism” is a dedication to her father, whom she lost in the year 2017.

Rishika Kaushik 

Rishika Kaushik is an Indian poet born on April 14, 1999, in Sonipat, Haryana. Rishika was an exceptional child with a deep love for literature from a rather young age. She has graduated from Ramjas College of Delhi University pursuing honours in English. She cannot live without coffee and adores her dog.

Zainab Khan 

Zainab Khan is an 18 year old, born and brought up in the Middle East and has travelled to many cities. She lives with her family in India and aims to become a writer. She is currently pursuing her class XII and will take English as her major in future. She is a feminist, bibliophile, directioner and a potterhead.


Arya, born in 1996,  comes from a village called Adat, Thrissur. She is trained in Indian classical dances from the age of 3. She passed her 12th with top marks and excellence from Vivekodayam Boys HSS Thrissur.  

Apurwa Srivastava

Apurwa Srivastava is an Indian poet born on 26 Feb 2002 in Varanasi. Apurwa loved poetry and photography from a young age. She has passed her 10th boards with 91% from SRK DAV Public School, Giridih. She has won numerous awards in Kabaddi, Kho-kho, long jump, drawing-painting, and in many poetry events.

Rajvi Kathwadiya

Rajvi Kathwadiya is an Indian poet born on July 7,1995 in Surat, Gujarat. Rajvi is a Dentist by profession, she was very determined and an exceptional student. Her interest in poetry has been from mid school and it grew with the time.


Vaani, 23, was born and raised in Delhi. She graduated in English Literature from Hans Raj College, wherein she was an active member of Ostraca-The Creative Writing society, since its inception. She is presently working as a Senior Content Developer at NIIT Limited and studying for a Master's degree in Psychology.

Ritu Raj

Ritu Raj is a poet born on 14 May 1997 in Patna to Ram Kumar Roy and Anita Devi. She is passionate for poetry from an early age. The way she writes poetry is very beautiful and touches the hearts of readers.

Rukhsar Khan

Rukhsar Khan initiated her career as an author during her college days. She discovered her passion for poetry which led her to write poems on IG: @chaos_and_the_calms

Sneha Pullanoor 

Sneha Pullanoor is 17 year old teenager, who identifies herself as an ardent bibliophile and a keen observer. Besides her love for books, she also enjoys painting, and invites everyone to view the world with a new compelling perspective.

Virangi Doshi

Virangi Doshi, an artist, book addict and an impulsive poet on a pilgrimage to find and write raw unaltered poetry. She is also a fashion writer who writes for Lakme Fashion Week and has a keen eye for the realms of philosophy.

Aradhana Tyagi

Aradhana Tyagi, postgraduate in Forensic Science is an ambitious writer born on 12 January 1995 in Uttar Pradesh and spent most of her childhood in a small town of Uttarakhand. Along with her intense writing in the form of poems, short story and verses she is also a painter; her paintings are based on the theme of isolation and psychedelic twilight.


Saffana is an Indian Poet born and brought up in Mumbai, india. She is currently a third year law student. And has completed her ICSE and ISC from Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School. She uses writing  to connect and make people understand her. She wants to improve herself and be a happier and better version of herself now that she knows what she wants in life.


Aishwarya is a 19 year old student currently living in Bombay. With tennis being her first & longest love, she stumbled upon writing 2 years ago & decided to let it all out on her wordpress account called 'Rawwriter'. Words came to her rescue when she had started dealing with anxiety & they continue to be her companion on days when humans aren't!

Srishti Saraswat

Srishti Saraswat is 22 years old and she lives in Uttar Pradesh. She usually writes about the emotions that almost everyone feels deep within but are least talked about. She is fond of reading very much and that's what makes her good at expressing her emotions so well. 

Kusum Manglani-Bhatia 

Kusum Manglani-Bhatia is a lover of art and a writer at heart. She is from Mumbai, India. Living in Doha, Qatar presently. She finds true happiness when writing poetry and recently writing Hindi poetry has piqued her interest. 

Ranjana R. Menon 

Ranjana R. Menon is an Indian poet born on 22 December 2000 in Kerala and brought up in Delhi. She is an exemplary student of Father Agnel School, Noida and an avid classical dancer. She has also started a blog as an initiative to promote positive mental health and guide people in realising the purpose of life through her inspiring words. 

Romita Handa 

Romita Handa is currently studying in Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana. Being just sixteen, she has quite a liberal thinking and looks at world from a different perspective altogether. She aspires to pursue International Relations. She is currently associated with various NGOs, is a part of TEDEd club.

Amrit Versha

Amrit Versha is an Indian Poet born on December 23, 1995 in New Delhi. She started writing poetry at an early age of 13. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and is planning to study for master's. She is currently working as an English Teacher in a coaching institute. 

Anushka Dev

Anushka Dev is a 15 year old writer born in Hyderabad, India. She has always had an immense love for writing and literature and content creation is what she has an inclination towards. You can find her on Instagram as @arvo.cado

Rakshita Singh 

Rakshita Singh is an Indian poet born on July 21 2001 in Balrampur of Uttar Pradesh. She started playing with words and using them as her magic the moment she realized the impact they have on people and the change they can bring to the world. She is currently on the verge of passing grade 12th. 

Neeti Nichani

Neeti Nichani is an Indian poet, from Mumbai. Born on 17th of May, 2003, she was writing poetry and short stories since she could form words. She is an avid reader. She is the first editor of her school newspaper, her constant need to express herself, perfect described by the constant need of the oceans' waves  to reach the shore, aptly naming her newspaper "The Riptide".

Aishwarya Walvekar

Aishwarya Walvekar is a research scholar at School of Arts and Aesthetics,  JNU and is pursuing her research in Theatre and Performance Studies. She takes on Anahata as her pen name. Instagram: nuste_nakhre 

Abirami Kannan

Abirami Kannan (Nira) is a 24 year old artist and dentist from Tamil Nadu. She started writing poetry as a hobby.

Damini Singh

Damini Singh was born on February 27, 1998. She has always been inclined towards poetry and art. Her writings mainly reflect her notions of romanticism, however, she's been exploring different horizons of life, lately. She's currently a Dental student but pursuing her BA (Hons) in English Literature (from distance) as well, out of her interest in poetry.

 Fathima Sanna

Fathima Sanna is 20 years old, from Kerala. Her pen revolves around love. She is the author of the e-book " The fall of love ". She can be found on Instagram: @sanna_wren_ 

Subi Kumari

Subi Kumari,  born on August 1, 1996 in Bihar, is pursuing Master’s in English Literature.  She spent major part of her childhood with her grandfather, who helped in the genesis of her poetic abilities. Her poems reflect the love her parents shared as they pulled each other away from the doldrums.

Anandi Batabyal

Anandi Batabyal was born on October 4, 1998 in Kolkata. Anandi was inclined towards poetry and painting from a young age. She is currently in the pre-final year of her B. Tech course in Biotechnology at National Institute of Technology Durgapur.

Stuti Jha

Stuti Jha, originating from Bihar, brought up in Delhi NCR and turning 16 this very year. Her writings are mostly focused on finding spiritualism within us and fighting the various existential and emotional crisis we all face very often. She likes to write spontaneously.

Shubhangi Kaushik

Shubhangi Kaushik is a 21 year old from Guwahati. She has an interest in reading and expressing herself through her  writing. She can be reached at her Instagram handle- _.shubhangi_


Khushi is an inkslinger from Punjab. The kind of person who is obsessed with the smell of books. She loves writing because, by filling the empty pages, she fills the empty spaces of her heart.