Oranges and Blues
Oranges and Blues
Oranges and Blues

Oranges and Blues

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Author: Sayali Gokhale

Oranges and Blues is a heartwarming and inventive collection of poetry, coupled with dreamlike paintings. It connects to the readers on a personal level offering a sense of familiarity. This is a book of inspiration, for those struggling with the expectations and pressures of adult life. A poetic journey that will uplift your love for the self even amidst difficult times.

“The feeling of belonging still lingers on my disguised shoulder,
In your absence I miss being myself”
-Sayali Gokhale

About the Poet
Sayali Gokhale is an Indian-American poet and watercolor artist. She was born in Mumbai and raised in Pune. She has MS in Geographical Information Systems and had been working in engineering design and GIS in the United States and Middle East before moving to Rajasthan, India in 2017.

Publisher: Delhi Poetry Slam
Language: English
ISBN: “978-81-935082-3-7”