By-Kunal Gupta


The world and I are both alive

At same time and at no time,

Reliable senses in number five

In no time distort the sublime;

I have not seen you as you can be

But I have felt you as you are,

To you goodbye I say too calmly,

I say that I love what you are.


In green caves lurk pitious graves

Set hard and nothing walks

With them under her endless arms,

A red rose withers, walks;

Buds unripe cut stalk and race

To endless greater shoots,

What moves is stock, what grows too moves

And all that is, that moves.


With seamless eyes I see

The brighter beauties of this world,

With seamless truth you be

The crooked stick to be unfurled;

If you and I are both alive,

If you and I are one,

If you and I are both alive,

Not me but you are one.


And thus flows time for me swift

Yet swifter all that moves,

The words I write in grains of sand

sift through my hands; what moves!

The sinking heart with all it's sighs

Mourns for loves to be,

If I must love all those goodbyes

What moves is all can be.



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon:

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  • Great job with the sounds and the rhyme in the poem! This is definitely one of the best poems in the book; I like the emphasis on movement— makes me feel that the poem could be a background score for a dance performance, or, even an animated video, with the imagery you have used! Keep writing!

    Athira Unni

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