By-Aastha Saurabh


3 a.m.

Its three in the morning, I’m out the door

Following the stars.

The sky tonight is hiding the moon

But it’s breaking down bars.

I see lights go on and off,

Struggling souls caught in locked doors.

See the dreamers dream about life,

Held by expectations and obligations.

Take it in, the air, the magic.

Escape your grief, your tragic.

Darkness is not a foe,

It’s beautiful, you’ll see.

Just stay awake till three a.m.

Let the daunt set you free.

No demons, no devils,

It was just the stars and me.

This silent paradise is not scary,

I’ll show you.

It carries a bliss full breeze.

Just stay awake till three a.m.

Stay awake with me.



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