By-Kavya Venkateshwaran

 They say I'm lonely but I'm not.

I'm surrounded by four friends, all that I've got.

I stay in my room, with them the whole day.

With them as company, I don't think there is anywhere else I'd want to stay.


My amiable four walls are the first on my list,

They see my silence and acknowledge it with a bliss,

They've seen my laughter, they've seen me cry,

They silently applaud my dances, even when I'm not trying.


Second, is that piano, the good mood changer,

He's been in my room for a while, and is quite the music trainer,

He has a solution to every mood swing, alas if only he knew his worth,

This good old friend helps me give life to the tunes of mirth.


Third in this list comes my little shelf,

Filled with books he reasons with the existence of my self,

He talks to me through the words of his books,

He loves me for my thirst for knowledge and doesn't judge me by my looks.


Last is my mind, the finest of them all,

A friend has he been through all my flights and falls,

My best friend is she, my comfort my infinite wisdom,

She gives me my imagination, to change my loneliness into the happy kingdom.


She talks to me, even in my sleep,

She makes me travel the ocean of thoughts, be it shallow or deep,

Most of all, she speaks to my soul,

And ensures that I never feel lonely, but complete and whole.



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