The radio plays nostalgia

As I sit in the toasty yellow cab

Standing on the inky wet road

Fresh from the last shower of Monsoon

Somewhat out of place in October

Like the tears I beckon

In eyes that are now empty

All cried out

As I peer out of the window

And stare at our spot on Princep Ghat

And recall a vision of two innocent bright eyed teenagers

Dancing in the Autumn breeze

Much like the wind-catcher dancing on that distant rooftop in my view

As though it has stolen all it’s gaiety from us.

I roll the glass pane down as the cab driver laments having to clean out the leaves from his car later on

Due to my carelessness

And I whisper a question to the wind-catcher

Hoping the gale in my heart will carry it there

“Will you ever give me back those moments of pure bliss?”

A leaf flies in, as if in reply

I pick it up, examine it, and place it among the leaves of my notebook

Press it between the pages

Of my life

Like the rose in my diary from half a decade ago

For it contains myriad shades of orange, yellow, and brown

Signifying the end of our Summer together

The radio plays nostalgia

As I wonder

How do you manage to answer all my questions from Beyond?



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