By-Sarron Mohapatra


We realize when it’s late

In our life to enjoy a Date!

It was not long back when you were in my arm,

How could I shout at you when I am still smitten with your charm.

I don’t want to shed a tear of regret and watch my feather fly away.

I promise, I will take eyes off my watch and rather watch you grow everyday.


When I was complaining on that sleepless night,

Little did I know that so soon, you would make it right.

When I was sobbing about that cluster feed,

I wish I knew, so swiftly you will get past that need.

Ah, How I miss those blissful smiles, when everyone was asleep

With every pain we see, we are blessed with a joy, we miss.


When I am mad at others, I will rather ensure they have a piece of my mind,

Than be tired listening to you and not be kind.

I was ecstatic when you did utter a new word,

Now you sing coherent stories, I would be so mean if I didn’t stop by and laud.


Those days of meltdowns, I know I need to be more patient.

When you are hungry or sleepy, I know I should relent.

Trust me, it’s tough as an adult because I have been smothered to control my emotion,

I am sorry, I couldn’t see though those innocent eyes which was unable to hold back the explosion.


I try to teach you with all my might,

Instead your actions teach me what is right

I might tell you how to be kind and share

But you show me what it means to love and care.


It’s difficult to raise a child,

Nowhere it’s drafted what is right.

I don’t want to be the one to realize too late,

That I already missed the date!

We both need each other,

So why not Strive together.

I am sure with each year,

we will get wiser and do much better!



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