By-Ruhi Jain


When words short fall,

When there's no one to pick me up when I fall,

You always gave a hand buddy.


Just stand by me, me.


Not always life will be grateful,

Not always I'll be my stronger self,

I'll need someone on the way,

Just stand by me, me.

Just Stand by me like this.


I often go out, to find happiness in others,

To only get nothing from empty firkins.

To fill mine with felicity,

Just stand by me, me.


Until Rains soak me up,

And Autumns make a master stroke,                                                 Until time learns some patience,

Just be my companion.

When I get alone being with company,

Just stand by me, me.


The good times have so many ears to lend,

In wail, they forget my way.

Just then, be the light at the tunnel's extremity.

Be there, Till the self's end.


I know so many,

But have none by my side.

All I have is solitude in store,

At least it gives me hope,

When life gives no reason to further glide.


Our Empty hands is all we've came with,

With it I'll also decamp in the dark,

But, all I'll have is you,

Yes, you.

Just stand by me, me.



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