By-Sharon Leo


Nothing compares to the void

You left behind in your wake.

My head full of stories that will

Forever remain untold.


I remember all those years past,

Time that slipped through my fingers like grains of sand

When I was engulfed by the warm glow

Of the presence of our friends

And of those to whom we were bound by ties of blood.


I try to keep them all alive in my head.

And now that winter is approaching on this barren land

It is that warmth I crave with every cell of my being.


Without them, without you

I am but a ship lost at sea, drifting aimlessly in the wind.


But I believe that when the sun goes down

I will see you on the other side

As I leave my earthly abode

Freed from the shackles of my withering shell

Surrounded by the ruins of all that we built together.

Until then,

Solitude, my sole companion.



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