By-Nani Pipi

The flowers are blooming

But still I sit here glooming

I hate to turn out this way

I have listened to what others had to say.

My heart is pounding,

It is shrieking,

Please help someone

Save me in any way?


The insects are singing

And I am still shrinking,

Counting the endless flaws in me

For the world can recognize only those,

Any good? No they don't see.

My world is a whirlpool

Complicated, not simple.

Can someone please bring in my life

A little ray of twinkle?


The leaves have turned bright orange

Yet I am stuck on this range.

Why can't people understand that prying doesn't help?

Why can't they listen to my inner helpless yelp?

I just wish for a shoulder to lean on

I just need someone to help me live on.

Please someone

Hear my inner cry which is so very little

It might not look harsh

But the meanings are brutal.


The leaves have dried

and enough have I cried.

The trees are dead

and so is my soul

I am sorry everyone I cannot take it anymore.

My lungs are tired

and hope has expired…

I have decided to end it here

Goodbye my little heart,

The loyal companion of my fear.



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon:


  • (Beauty is a gift expressed,
    Expressing a Clue,
    Travelling down the pages,
    Awholesome beauty induced.

    Poetry a play of mind,

    Even though few cognize,
    When scribbled in pages,
    Thy heart is filled with grace… )
    ….your lines are beautiful pipi… Keep it up
    You are the pride of the state.

  • You are so talented dear pips💜〰️💜Ily !Keep up the good work


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