By-Stuti Garg


Each night as it strikes ten

The destructive thoughts ring the bell

On my part I try my level best

To avoid these introspections so pessimistic

But all I do is

End up failing terribly

And they on their part

Present the scars as a show so fascinating

This heart and mind

Addicted of that show so dreadsome

Enjoy it thrillingly

Missing not even a part willingly

Moon and stars the only one's

Who with me along watch those scars

Are badly tired waiting

Me to show something really alluring

Though glutted by, they still

Act as audience so brill

Which this fucking world

Couldn't so far do

They cry each night along

After watching the show so forlorn

Not one hour, not two

The whole night passes through

And at six the alarm rings

Imitating it to be the end

Trying its best to wake me up

But this heart deeply engrossed

Still wanna get that show watched

Fortunately arrives the brain

Saying get up! insane

As you will get

A new series to watch tonight

For there is more shit

I had to deal with…



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