By-Sumbul Syed

 The sun has set for me

All I feel is loneliness

All I am losing is closeness

All I can understand is emptiness

And sometimes when I am speechless

All I can do is explain less

Because I am nurturing loneliness

Gaining everything but closeness

Filling everything yet there’s emptiness

Speaking so much yet speechless

Learning so much yet explaining so less

Because life has gotten so much darkness

The world is bright yet light is less

For me to remove my loneliness

The stars shine at night feeding my wholeness

But still my heart is less

My creativity is less

My understanding is less

I am going everywhere but everything feels like a complete mess

Because life has gotten so much darkness

I am trying to make sense

I hope I let go of this loneliness

I don’t want to nurture anymore- the darkness



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