By-Shristi Pandey


People may say spring is here

Everything is upstaged with fragrance too

You are right there, waiting,

Saying you won’t leave without me

I hear your bicycle as I finally agree

You wanted this you said, you wanted us to flee

Up to the sky, and then back to you

Holding my gaze a little longer than I should,

Swear had freezed time, only if I could.

I hear the same song, we listened to that day

No it doesn’t sound the same anymore

Without the chorus, it gets all bore furthermore

We bumped into this ice cream parlour where you helped me manage the pretty girl’s number

And let me lose my mind,

I do text that girl sometimes.

Stopping by the post, you asked if we could walk

I had your hand by mine, you were so near

You talked of journeys, and orchids and life

While the symphony of your voice was all I could hear.

Now that you’re far

I cannot endure this yearning,

For I’m resolute this moment to hear whatever you got to say

Keeping the blues at bay

Only if you got back here, to stay.

People say spring’s here

But I can’t hear any bicycle bells, no

Time has shut down much of the sorrow

And unsaid things deep down

And only if you got back to borrow

For the world around is all mellow.



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