By-Shreya Sarkar


 My mind is trapped within these four walls,

A space with stories I admire, but I'm afraid to call mine.

Souls have wandered this path many more times before my time

And must have wanted to escape these boxed rooms and go to a parallel universe, maybe

Mine is just a coward.

My soul is just a coward.

I've grown up hearing stories of brave knights.

I see brave knights all around me, fighting their battles, and

I don't know how to appreciate this beautiful gift they call life.

Instead of feeling suffocated most of the time, if only there was fresh air to breath, I'd like it.

I'd really like to watch the stars, laying in a lake, there'd be the sweet smell of the cold grass.

I've lost my line of thought.

There's my friends making nonsense a thing which they find funny.

And I know they love me so much

Yet I feel so alone all the time!

All the time in my head,

Like no one really gets me.

It's time to get out my head, as scary as it seems,




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