By-Srilakshmi U Sirumath


Every breath you muster courage

to draw in, is but another anxious thought

that creates a havoc of your sanity.


Every thought twisting into

a plethora of suppositions and suspicions.


Every star wished upon,

only a pathetic, deceiving gaseous rock.


When, the golden sky is emanating hope and exuberance,

When, the agreeable wind has no snide remarks to make,

When, the vivid autumns leaves are descending

into a heap of bygones and anticipations.


When, all’s well with this world that’s spinning out of control,

Why then, there are doubts and voids swirling

Incessantly in that vastness of your mind?


Why then, a moment’s happiness is a cue

for tragedy to have its presence know?


Why then, wherever you go, there you are,

An aimless soul on a pointless journey.



Why then, the lucidity of life dwindles into haze

Over the agitated chatter of your mind?


Why then, hope is a flightless bird

unwisely yearning for the infinity?


Why then, even when amidst a place

brimming with so much existence and life,

I swim so passionately, deep into

the folds of solitude and withdrawal.


Why then, there lurks a scathing conscience that chants,

Is it the world that’s pulling away or is it I.



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