By-Sri Sai Mohana Godavarthy


How strange it feels

To suddenly be invisible

To the same people

Whom you called your friends

Mere moments ago

To be left behind

Not even glancing back once

To see if I am following or

If I am down on my knees

Not bothering to wipe my tears

Not caring to share warmth

When I am stuck in this veil of darkness

Those people whom I called my friends

What kind of friend

Walks away when you

Need them the most in the time

Ignores your cries for help

Its my fault

I was too blinded

By my own kindness

By my own optimism

And my own feelings

To know what they truly are

Just people who will come to you

When they are in need

But never turn up when you need them

It hurts to be this way

To be introverted

Never able to mingle again

When I crave some friendship



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