By-Samiksha Ransom


Walk into the land of the unknown,

There isn't a hand to hold,

Amidst the chaos and pain,

There is emotional drain


Where the night sky

Bleeds everytime it is touched,

Where the moonlight magic

Is a hand too far to work a miracle


In these places of desperation

There are phases when unexpressed emotion

Decides to tear apart the curtains,

To expose its wounds


But the walls are too high

And the sea is too deep

There are storms that rage

Then what's the point of this vulnerability?


Where dreams take over

Where nothingness breeds

Where the night sky hangs above

Threatening to turn into a sea of blood


There is emotional drain.



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y9sydnxn


  • Amazing! Loved it❤️

  • Pungent! Brilliantly written! It’s always a pleasure to read your poems.
    More power to your pen!

  • PAIN……. expressed at its best!!

    Vandana Ransom
  • Fantastic!
    Favourite lines- "But the walls are too high

    And the sea is too deep"

    Keep going at it!
    Well done!

    Shikha Tripathi
  • Brilliant! Totally loved it.

  • This is an exquisite piece of writing. The emotional strech it creates touches the zenith of all creativity, and the way it portrays the vulnerability of human sensitive standards is highly commendable.
    Morever, if one observes correctly the structure of the whole poem seems to be drenched in classics with the pinch of post-modernism in it.

    Elwin Dillu
  • There isn’t a hand to hold,night sky bleeds everytime,walls are too high and sea is too deep.
    Some of the lines are like Oh man i’ve been through this.
    I really enjoyed this poem and after reading it i prayed for all those who went through this feeling.
    Looking foward to reading more of you.

    Muhammad Shamama Farooqui
  • I love the way you’ve brilliantly captured the essence of an “emotionally drained individual”! As positive as these experienced could be, ultimately its how a person perceives it!

    You’ve taken everything that works as a balm to me and shown the other side of it.

    Brilliant work of Art.

    Keep it up!

    Rinnie Rebecca Charles

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