By-Moksha Garg


That is how she feels in the darkness of the night.


That is what she is from fighting the inner demons.


That is what her heart is.


That is what she is deep inside.


That is what her mind feels.



That is what her soul craves.

Wants to say something, but what?

She doesn't know yet.

Wants to share her fears, but with whom?

She often wonders.

Wants to get close to someone, but how?

She's still figuring it out.

Has been scared and alone and hurt for so long,

She doesn't know how to let anyone in anymore.

Always been closed off and distant,

She doesn't know how to get close to anyone.

Been on her own, in her own world for so long,

She doesn't understand the need to be with anyone anymore.


But she’s strong.

She’s stronger than people think.

She’s stronger than she believes.

She’s braver than anybody else out there.



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Though she falls back every night,

She gets up again every day.

She might not be herself every night,

She’s her best self every day.

You might not see the struggle within her,

But she rises again every day.

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