By-Subhiksha V S


I could smell it, the smell of my burning soul, a raging inferno within.

I could hear it, screams that were caught within the walls I built, but through the interstice they crept in.


All this while I searched for you, but all along you were inside me,

Taking a piece of me with every breath, taking a piece of me till my death.


You demons planted seeds in the barricade I built, then waited for the weeds to grow while I waited for flowers to bloom. Questions unanswered, I long forgot, till I saw the mess you made, till I saw your deception, your deathly facade.


Reaching out of the weeds, I screamed, only no life to hear me,

Not a single one, in the whole team.

Destruction, chaos, lightnings and beams,

This was no more a reverie, no more a dream.


The song of the river soon broke out, the howls of the wind seemed oh so sweet. The croaks of the raven I could hear, even the vociferous one sounding effete.


The abyss soon started closing down,

With it, opening a portal.

The Savior came out with his mighty light, gave me a sword,

Told me that I was more, more than a mere mortal.


Clashes and blood, wiles and tears soon followed,

The demons remained unfathomed to what happened, loudly bellowed.

Cut the weeds out, broke down the walls,

Only to find that the flower I wanted, blossomed to the fruit of my calls.



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