By-Nilakshi Garg


Quite a long time to display,

Slashing my wounds, and covering my annihilation,

I walk like an undead, beneath whom millennium tweeks cascade,


Who chose the destiny for me,

Who claimed my epiphany,

I belong there, here, no more,

My soul left to be recluse and lone,


Switching often is a game herein,

Talking, walking, sleeping, breathing,

A mechanism so secluded,

That my existence is not permitted,


I am rough with thorns,

Yet I feel nothing in,

I am shut with that who haunts,

Yet I don't scream to win,


Time is now an eroded abandonment,

Death is the only conclusive experiment,

My wilderness is my only sojourn,

Leave me for good, I tell them with a scorn,


Because after I am done eliminating everyone,

My remaining will be left to succumb,

The heir to my doom will then rest in peace,

When my diabolical bearing will be forever freed,


Then my owner, my master, oh thy god,

Will thou be forgiving?

As the realm of nonchalance I have chosen,

My own aspirations are nothing but a sequence of eroded abandonment.



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  • Awesome. Bless u :)

    Vishi garg

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