By-Tamanna Bhatt


Never been felt so much distress

In your company now I am scared

Alone all the time I am bereft

Complains are surrounding me


It's ruckus and chaos everywhere

Can't feel anything neither breathe the air

I was lost in the darkness of the woods

You pushed me into a painful blood pool


I want to feel the rain on my skin

Even though I am senseless and pale

I am tired of all that bullshit happened

Now I can't wait I just want home in the end


I keep pushing everyone away from me

Lovers were the first one on my hit list

I blame others for my own loneliness

Can we just take a step back one moment


Such a loser and a mess I have become

These days I am standard with scars alone

Running is what I do all the time now

To love and feel I never to myself allow



What a shameless girl once they said

I keep explaining that oh how I am dead

I felt stupid to let everything go off

Now I feel more broken cause I am weak


I love the sound of my steps when I walk

Away from all these people around me

Filling empty space is my own poison

Parting my ways and breathing the air of isolation



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