By-Suchismita Ghoshal


The dark room beckons me,

filled with a icy street of frozen blood.

Sunset bids & the night laughs,

I procrastinate on going further.

My chained feet & squeezed mind,

pluck some motionless memories.

Silent screams ocean deep,

tears turn into vapours;

I visualize my drooped face,

In the mirror of my caged soul.

Forbidden alley of their company,

scratches roughly on my delicate heart.

I found no way of surviving,

for the plastic outlets of my skin

lost the battle of emotions.

I witness my nerves shrink in agony,

Tranquility envelopes my heart,

I sip the wine of loneliness.

Calamitous & troublesome;

thoughts of my peculiar mind,

narrowed the tricky gaps of hopes.

Crowded with some fiercy laughs,

I still hide my blood-patched heart,

sculptured by some blind trust & betrayals.

I don't repent on being alone,

I cry for my softness & tenderness.

I don't yarn for another musked stranger,

I crave for a strong heart.

Storms inside my pulsating blood vessels,

calm down with the passing nights.

Morning smokes the new warmth,

Assurance comes & goes.

I touch a tender leaf to feel the truth,

the truth of isolated dreams,

the truth of a journey of new life.

Will it be my company in solitude?

I repeatedly query it,

& the answer is still pending.

I collect every little pieces of scattered trust,

My courage fragile yet firm,

figures out some hope to recover.

It yells ripping off the weave of despodency,

Run! chase your goals, I hear it out.

I gamble on my life again,

standing over my purified hopes.

I still run for a sound sleep,

a calmed mind & a nursed soul.

I still search for a sleepy night,

with a dream free of hopeless solitude.



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