By- Aashna Pathak

Every person has that woman in life,

Who holds a stand higher than the rest.

That woman who held you right through your problems,

And faced them with you everytime they came.

She and I always had those late night chats,

They ranged anywhere from boys, books, to being scared of bats,

We may have talked about anything and everything,

But there was only ever one thing left out,

The intensity of love I had for her I never expressed out loud.


Ever since I was little I've had rough patches in my life,

But I was never left alone in those dark and gusty times.

I have always had my wonder woman standing strong being my pillar to lean on.


That old lady of mine looked sweet and fragile,

But mess with her family and you'd keep away atleast a mile.

I remember she seemed like lamb turned lion,

Everytime I came home crying.


After being my pillar of strength and sunshine,

I thought we were going to have a forever.

Because just as I was yours you were mine,

And I always believed you were going to leave me never!


But oh boy, did my heart break

That day I remember as nothing but a daze of sad hue.

When my heart did truly ache,

You left me deserted when all I had was you.

You weren't just another person,

To me you were a gift from god,

Sent to earth to teach me love and living,

You weren't just a wonder woman grandma, you were my inspiration!



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