By-Aiman Asad


Didn't you had a reputation to maintain?

How to be perfect you were trying yourself to train


Many lies you told

Like paper you could fold

Your broken self you were trying to hold

After all in expectations of society you were trying to mold


You were trying too hard to make them proud

Wanting to sparkle in the crowd

You were so busy putting this perfection act on

That you had no idea when your inner self was torn


Fake smiles you smiled

Though yourself you did not liked

You were beautiful just from far

Otherwise you were just a broken star


Broken star pretending to be fix

Trying too hard with others to mix

Then competing with 'em & trying to shine the brightest

Slapping your own uniqueness the tightest


& still people weren't happy from you

Negative comments and shitty glance they still threw

So you tried more harder

To your own inner voice you gave a cold shoulder


You wanted to be an example so you tried fitting in different shapes

But your inner voice you couldn't escape

The harder you tried

The more it felt like committing suicide


The whole life you care about what they would say

So afraid to choose a different way


After very long you realized

Nobody is going to come and wipe your eyes

What you go through nobody sees

The pain you suffer nobody feels

& at the end all what they have to say is rest in peace


To discover yourself

To love yourself

You started a new journey as a broken star

You came back feeling like universe and not just a star



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  • Woww… This is so beautifully described! Amazing work!❤


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